Three Years of Kendall.



Ok first a few editorial caveats about the above video.

1.) It was created in powerpoint, which does not translate well to web uploading. That should just about cover most of the issues you will see with it (which means some slides are super fast and others are super slow and this gets the music timing all off whack.)

2.) Read that first slide all the way before you hit play – reference #1 above.

3.)Also I see that it took the liberty to change a few of my fonts. I hate fugly fonts. But that is what you will now see. At least its not comic sans….*sigh*.

4.) I’ll stop complaining now and let you just watch it.


Oh also – some people have said it needs the Kleenex warning attached to it. So consider yourselves warned!


I’ll post more about the party in another update – cause I need to get all the pictures off the camera and gather my thoughts about what to say. For now, I’ll just let the video do the talking.


thanks for watching.



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  1. That was beautiful Terra.  She is so dear to our family and is prayed for every day.  Praying this year is better than last.  Love you!

  2. I remember visiting her at her hospital stay that one time! Playing with the buubbles and drawing for her on the board!

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