Happiness in a bottle.

Today I want to talk to you about a little secret.

A secret weapon.

A secret weapon in the never-ending battle of “preschoolers who think they don’t need to sleep” vs “mommies who are tired of dealing with cranky 4 year olds who think 3 hours of sleep per nite is enough”.

we first heard about these magic pills of happiness from our amazing pediatrician Dr. Natalie. We described Kaylen’s sleep issues (as in a complete lack thereof) and she instantly told us to try these little pills from the pharmacy downstairs. When we stopped in to get a pack, the pharmacist chuckled and said we were lucky – he couldn’t even keep them stocked and had JUST gotten a box in. Kaylen was in full-blown psycho mode by that point and we had another three hours left of dealing with the hospital for Kendall so we popped one in her mouth. Within 15 minutes I had a child SO docile, calm, and tired that she actually fell asleep on Ben’s shoulder, and then slept in the car the whole way home, and then transferred to her bed and stayed asleep for three hours thereafter.

MAGIC i tell you.

(because the above scenario NEVER EVER EVER happens. Never has with any of my darling children except Kendall the wonder-sleeper).

Ben and I were SOLD.

So we faithfully trudged out to BFE (where our ped’s office is) every month to buy up a couple more bottles until the magical day when I discovered they had a facebook page, and website, and you could order them right off of there!!!

image so what are these magic pills you ask?

They are a blend of all-natural melatonin with a hit of chamomile. yes as in the chemical your brain produces to help you sleep and the tea that calms you down. That’s it. I was skeptical when i first saw the amounts of each of these in it. It seems infinitessimally small. I mean, if 2mg of melatonin is good for adults, then surely my crazy kid needs 8mg. There is only .5mg per pill. So I really don’t know HOW it works or is so effective, and I can only assume it is the coupling with the chamomile that does it.

We give them mainly to Kaylen as she has the hardest time with sleeping, but all four of the girls take them when/if they need it. The same dose that works for Kendall works for Kealey, who is twice her weight and 7 years older. It isn’t a sleeping pill – so its not making them groggy in the morning or in such a deep sleep that they can’t wake up. It simply is a formulation of naturally occurring chemicals and herbs that help the brain relax enough to GET to sleep. and once their brain is asleep, all those other natural processes to KEEP them asleep can kick in!

Melatonin has routinely been prescribed by mito docs to help kiddos with energy issues get into good sleep patterns, so yes we do give it to Kendall on nites when she is just too tired to even sleep well on her own! Even with all of her other medical issues and medications, there is zero concern with giving her a sleep O (as we call them in our house) because its so quick burning and is just a boost of what should already be naturally occurring in her brain (but sometimes doesn’t have the energy to do so!)

Their website has a lot of good info and answers to some FAQ’s – including the fact that since they are a chewable tablet they cannot recommend them for babies under the age of 2, and the fact that some people with seasonal allergies may possibly be allergic to the chamomile in the tablets.  Good info to be aware of!

Overall though, I cannot recommend this product enough. It has definitely helped ease a LOT of stress in this household from the problems associated with a non-sleeping child! And you’re not gonna believe this – but I have been in NO WAY reimbursed for this public service announcement. I am not affiliated in any way with the company other than just being probably the customer of the year. we just got our huge bag of bottles in the mail this morning from my most recent order! we call it the magical pyramid of greatness.

If you do decide to get a few bottles, please feel free to mention my name. I’m hoping that if enough of you say that I sent you they will decide to give me a credit of some kind! 😉

So – here’s the link to the website ordering form. For those of you local – they are based out of Batavia – so your order comes pretty darn quick!

I’d be more than happy to share any more info about our experience with these magic pills so feel free to ask me anything in the comments below!


(and for those of you wondering when a REAL update is coming – it will be soon, I promise!)


Happy Trails!



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