Thirty Eight.


I turned 38 an hour ago. Happy Birthday to me! And I figured today was a good day to blog again. It’s been a grip of time. I’ve been busy. I’ve been doing stuff. I’ve been thinking about stuff. It isn’t that I didn’t want to write about some things – it was just….sometimes it’s [...]

One year.


Last year, on this Saturday night, I put a very cranky Kendall to bed. I had an extremely uneasy feeling about her attitude – just completely out of sorts after a very long day out in the hot sun – but we were headed to my favorite restaurant with some of my favorite people. So [...]

Call me May-be.


See what i did there? MAY-be??? So here we are. The first day of May – a month of blogging randomness lies ahead of us, and i have no idea where to begin. I know you’re all waiting on the Make A Wish updates – and I promise they are coming! But they take a [...]

the hits keep on comin.

So then…. the water heater broke. Remember this awesome winter when we had the “polar vortex” causing extreme cold temps? The shower I took was roughly polar vortex level. I know maybe a normal person would  have gotten out before frostbite set in but not me.  I’m a tenacious BEAST. I kept hoping it would [...]

Today. the 28th.

Just a sampling of the randomness of my days: I did laundry today. And by “did” i mean I washed four loads, dried them all, and now have it all stacked in baskets in the TV room. I will attempt to fold it all tomorrow. That’ll do, pig, that’ll do. (you have to say that [...]

Tiger Blood.


I don’t know, ok? sometimes things just pop out of my fingers before I can stop them. So – tiger blood it is. Because sometimes we all just need a little fierceness in our lives. we all just need to remember our tiger blood. Exhibit A – this super fierce hat i had to make [...]

i hope you dance.


oh my baby boogerton… it breaks my heart to see you in pain these last few days. You – my giggly, happy-go-lucky cloud-gathering princess ballerina who lives in a world filled with puppies and rainbows – you spend most of your free time these past couple weeks hunched over on the couch. the very first [...]

Hope In a Can.


So much hope in one little can. And a big bag of pure sugar. With this crazy mixture, we hope we can rehabilitate Kendall’s gut. We hope her body will accept this blend of nutrition, absorb it, move it, grow on it, thrive on it. Hope. It’s the special ingredient not listed on that can. [...]

it’s always worth it.


The past two days I have been consumed with IEP planning meetings. For those unfamiliar with the term “IEP” – basically it means special educational services your child needs to receive from their school. In case you’re wondering, no the school does not offer these services willingly. IEP’s usually involve a lot of heartache on [...]

Walk by faith

So I have something exciting to tell you – one of my special needs momma friends wrote a book. A real live actual BOOK. And I am SO excited for her! I know it was a true labor of love to share her story about her journey through infertility and then her subsequent journey as [...]

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