i hope you dance.


oh my baby boogerton… it breaks my heart to see you in pain these last few days. You – my giggly, happy-go-lucky cloud-gathering princess ballerina who lives in a world filled with puppies and rainbows – you spend most of your free time these past couple weeks hunched over on the couch. the very first [...]

Hope In a Can.


So much hope in one little can. And a big bag of pure sugar. With this crazy mixture, we hope we can rehabilitate Kendall’s gut. We hope her body will accept this blend of nutrition, absorb it, move it, grow on it, thrive on it. Hope. It’s the special ingredient not listed on that can. [...]

it’s always worth it.


The past two days I have been consumed with IEP planning meetings. For those unfamiliar with the term “IEP” – basically it means special educational services your child needs to receive from their school. In case you’re wondering, no the school does not offer these services willingly. IEP’s usually involve a lot of heartache on [...]

Walk by faith

So I have something exciting to tell you – one of my special needs momma friends wrote a book. A real live actual BOOK. And I am SO excited for her! I know it was a true labor of love to share her story about her journey through infertility and then her subsequent journey as [...]

Favorite Things Friday.

Ok you guys – this is quite possibly one of THE most ridiculous things I will have ever posted here. I hope it makes you all laugh because I laugh at myself when I watch it. It’s a vlog about my favorite lip balms as requested from my last crazy vlog. So – here you [...]

Kendall Update.


Just because it’s probably been a while since I’ve done a good update on Kendall. If you aren’t on her facebook page – Hope For Kendall – (you can easily click on the “like” button over there —>), you should be. I try to do some updates there on a weekly basis, and if anything [...]

stuck on replay.

No worries – today’s post is the antithesis of the “kleenex-warning” one I posted on thursday. I like to hit a wide variety of emotions with this little blog – and today’s may border on “eye-rollingly boring” – but, you take the good you take the bad you take ‘em both and there you have [...]

Expect Miracles.


What I’m going to post here is my notes/speech that I gave to the students at a local high school a few weeks ago. The class is “Intro to Health Services” – something like that – and is basically for students who know they want to go into the medical field in some way as [...]

The first Vlog of the New Year

Oh it’s chock full of some of the most random non sequiturs you could ever hope for from me. the video Leave me a comment if you liked it… And if you didn’t then just keep it to yourself cause ain’t nobody got time for that. Peace. Terra

Twenty Fourteen


So i’m a few days late with my new year post. It’s just been one of those months (years?) but i’m back. At least until the next time I get overwhelmed with everything and let the blog go. But really, hopefully, that doesn’t happen anytime soon. That’s kind of the point of this post – [...]

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