you think sometimes that you are prepared for life. Prepared for the curveballs that may or may not come your way. You have emergency bags or emergency plans or emergency numbers in safe places, places you are prepared to get to in case something unexpected comes up. And this is all good and fine and [...]

Even Diana Prince Can’t do it all.

bonus points if you know who Diana Prince is without having to click this link. (It’s just to wikipedia i promise.) *Insert loud dramatic sigh here* you guys – this is hard. Really really really hard. and the next time I think I’m Wonder Woman, I want someone to slap me really really really hard. [...]

turning the page.

Today we turn the page on a new month, turn the page on a new season even. i hate being “in” over the page turn. It’s just a weird mental thing. Like not stepping on sidewalk cracks or having to wear certain shirts inside out on purpose. It causes a glitch in the matrix. But [...]

Soon…But not yet.

Soon we will be packing up this room and loading into our car and making the long trek home… But not yet. Soon we will hopefully have answers for what has plagued our warrior princess for the past week… But not yet. Soon i will be able to hug my whole family all at once [...]

Making Sandwiches.

For those of you who actually read the titles of my blog posts (that i AGONIZE over!!!!), you might think this one is a little strange. But I’ll explain it. See, i have this friend (well, i have lots of friends actually, i’m very blessed!) – but one crazy friend in particular whose daughter also [...]

But the fighter still remains.


In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade and he carries the reminders of every glove that laid him low or cut him till he cried out, in his anger & his shame “I am leaving, I am leaving….” But the fighter still remains.   My baby – this fight has [...]

Trust your Intuition.


A lesson I have learned this crazy stay….. to trust my own intuition. It’s not to say that I usually DON’T – but this stay above others – we acted, her doctors and Ben and I, on our intuition of what we thought Kendall was going to pull next. Fun facts about Kendall: She likes [...]

How i am.

This might be one of those really raw, rough posts to read. I’m kind of an emotional mess and I don’t really have a filter right now. So very many of you have asked how i’m doing this past week. Every time the nurse or care partner comes in, they ask “how are you mom, [...]


In case you had not seen the pictures on my or Kendall’s facebook pages – she has been extubated! Considering that I was not even in the mindset that she would need intubation this time, the weight that has been lifted by her breathing on her own and off of the presser support (no longer [...]


Have you ever had one of those times that didn’t SEEM like it was as hard as it was until after you were through it? And then in the absence of the hardness you realize that it was actually really fricking hard and it sucked? That is me today, regarding yesterday. Having to have a [...]

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