Not the drink kind. Well, kind of the drink kind. Except I currently don’t have a drink in my hand. I mean the kind where it’s a bar where everybody knows your name. except it’s not a bar, its the hospital. That’s kind of how it felt yesterday when I wheeled Kendall into our unit […]

To the baby in the room across the hall.


Dear baby~ I don’t know your name. I don’t know why you were here in the PICU, I don’t know how long you had been here. I know only that today you became an angel. Your room is dark now. Your beautiful pictures and the decorations on your door are gone now. I hope you […]

Things you Learn.

I don’t know why I decided today was the day I was going to share this. But I just wanted to. Maybe because these times with Kendall in the ICU are some of the “dark times” i reference in the vlog I’m inserting below. Or maybe just because i’m sleep deprived and there is no […]


So – to totally go from that to this…. Here is a crazy unedited video of me and the babies reviewing the pina coca yogurt drinks i found at the mexican grocery store. Just in case you were also in the market for pina coca yogurt drinks. And while you’re watching it – go ahead […]



So I’ m not really sure where or how to begin this post… I know it’s been forever. I’ve been going through some stuff. Some hard stuff. Stuff that i wanted to come and post about here but the thing is, it’s a story that is not solely my own, so i didn’t feel like […]

The condiment queen.

If you’ve ever met Kendall in real life, chances are, you’ve seen her live up to her nickname “the Condiment Queen”. And what that means is that rather than actually eating real food, Kendall is mildly obsessed with eating the “condiments” – butter, jelly, syrup, whipped cream (yes she’s basically on the Elf diet).And what […]

Happy New Year!


So, yeah, i know it’s a few weeks late. I like to make sure we are really firmly embedded in the new year before i start throwing out too many wishes for a new year that is happy. Just go with it. As most of you know around these parts – no news is usually […]



Our church has challenged us to show our Hope this holiday season. If you’ve hung around these parts for any time at all – you know that Hope is kind of a thing here. Some days it’s the only thing. I could post so many pictures showing what hope means to me. But for some […]

A Story.

This here’s a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down….Jay. Kay. It IS however a story of the crazy day I had. I know how much you all love to laugh at/with me. So – in case you needed reassurance that you were actually a much better mother than me. I […]

when the icu feels like home.

For those of you who actually try to keep up with my crazy random postings, this is going to start getting confusing. I posted my november 1 post that i had already had mostly written, and am now trying to fill in all the days between now and then, but I also need to update […]

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