In case you had not seen the pictures on my or Kendall’s facebook pages – she has been extubated! Considering that I was not even in the mindset that she would need intubation this time, the weight that has been lifted by her breathing on her own and off of the presser support (no longer [...]


Have you ever had one of those times that didn’t SEEM like it was as hard as it was until after you were through it? And then in the absence of the hardness you realize that it was actually really fricking hard and it sucked? That is me today, regarding yesterday. Having to have a [...]

life is like a river.

That Garth Brooks….he sure knows what he’s talking about. “life is like a river, ever changin as it goes, and a dreamer’s just a vessel that much follow where it goes. Trying to learn from what’s behind, and never knowing what’s in store makes each day a constant battle just to stay between the shores….” [...]

Sometimes you wanna go


Where everybody knows your name… (sing along with me) And they’re always glad you came. you wanna be where people know your troubles are all the same you wanna go where everybody knows your name. This song is stuck in my head this morning for a few reasons. Chief among them that sometimes it is [...]

I’m back.


Did you miss me? I missed me. I missed here. I am not even sure what the blog looks like anymore really. I should probably fix that. To explain why it’s been so long since i’ve blogged would probably break the interwebs with the length of post it would take. And really, it wasn’t any [...]

Thirty Eight.


I turned 38 an hour ago. Happy Birthday to me! And I figured today was a good day to blog again. It’s been a grip of time. I’ve been busy. I’ve been doing stuff. I’ve been thinking about stuff. It isn’t that I didn’t want to write about some things – it was just….sometimes it’s [...]

One year.


Last year, on this Saturday night, I put a very cranky Kendall to bed. I had an extremely uneasy feeling about her attitude – just completely out of sorts after a very long day out in the hot sun – but we were headed to my favorite restaurant with some of my favorite people. So [...]

Call me May-be.


See what i did there? MAY-be??? So here we are. The first day of May – a month of blogging randomness lies ahead of us, and i have no idea where to begin. I know you’re all waiting on the Make A Wish updates – and I promise they are coming! But they take a [...]

the hits keep on comin.

So then…. the water heater broke. Remember this awesome winter when we had the “polar vortex” causing extreme cold temps? The shower I took was roughly polar vortex level. I know maybe a normal person would  have gotten out before frostbite set in but not me.  I’m a tenacious BEAST. I kept hoping it would [...]

Today. the 28th.

Just a sampling of the randomness of my days: I did laundry today. And by “did” i mean I washed four loads, dried them all, and now have it all stacked in baskets in the TV room. I will attempt to fold it all tomorrow. That’ll do, pig, that’ll do. (you have to say that [...]

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