December Daily. {1-6}

I did pretty good at this last year (although my album is still unassembled in a pile downstairs on my craft table and I have yet to print the pictures and I think I actually stopped tracking it well the week before Christmas….) But i am hoping to have it more organized this year. I’m not off to a great start exactly. But you know, one step at a time.

Here is our first few days of December (don’t worry – they’re totes boring. But I have to get it out of my head before it all gets stuck in other minutiae!)



December 1 – Ok so we technically had all of our Christmas decorations up on November 25 (the day after Thanksigiving) like we do every year. But I just love the start of Christmas on December 1. (yes that is a holiday/timeline that I made up on my own. don’t burst my bubble here people, just go with it.) We also got a faxed communique straight from the North Pole that we are being assigned an elf this year to watch over the four girls and report back to Santa. This one simple little fax brought SO much happiness to the girls – it was awesome to see their faces. This also meant that that nite when I was putting Kaylen to bed that she was shaking in fear that a real teeny little person (the elf) would be creeping in her room all night long…whoops. Should have planned that one out a little bit better!

December 2 – Day in the ER for Kendall. Always a good time. At least it wasn’t an emergency – it was just because no one out here in the boondocks can pull their {fill in the blank} out of their {fill in the blank} long enough to figure out how to get blood OUT of her central line. Where it flows freely if you unclamp it for enough time. Really, a trained monkey COULD do it, but they apparently don’t accept lab drop offs from trained monkeys. or smart mommas. So instead of paying the $250 per visit from the nurse who CAN drop off labs (and who WAS doing this for the prior year, we just hit our limit of 40 visits) – the insurance will now pay $5000 every other week for us to visit the ER for this purpose. Awesomesauce. (and for all i know, they may have come up with a better plan for the next 4 weeks – but i have no idea what it is. I just know that THIS ONE is super stupid.) The moral of the story is that her labs looked GREAT, we got to come home, she got some of the medicine she needed that we do not have at home, and she had a great evening at home with her whole family cause ben came home from Texas that day and it was just an all around relief of an evening!

December 3 – Our Elf, Snowflake, came for a visit yesterday, but today it was pretty much the highlight! She left a sugary mess on the counter, but was kind enough to make it shaped like a heart! We had a really pretty good day as a family – probably due in large part to the meds Kendall was able to get in the ER the day before. We made it out to three different stores AND had lunch at a real restaurant without any major meltdowns! I really honestly can’t remember the last time that happened with all four of them…. Later that evening we had a party for Ben’s work that we were able to get to, but had to leave pretty quickly after we arrived because Kendall had just had enough for the day. She was back in a lot of pain and letting us all know about it. So we made it home, put her in bed, watched a family movie, and called it a day!

December 4 – I don’t know why I only have elf pictures…Sunday Kendall slept for almost 17 straight hours from the nite before/day of craziness before, so that put a big cramp in any plans we may have had. I should have obviously been more productive that day, but I wasn’t. So it was just a boring regular December day.

December 5 – Kendall had her hair in these crazy pigtails – and notice the “bangs” that were cut by her sister!!!!!!!!!!!!! {scream} – and she just looked like an Ewok from the Star Wars movies. I couldn’t get a good picture of it – but it was making me laugh because of how insane they were, so that’s what I took a picture of that day. Again – it makes no sense and I really should start paying more attention to what i am taking pics of each day for this thing! Kendall had MORE PAIN today – it’s getting old for ME so I can’t even imagine how she is feeling. Poor thing. She’s such a trooper though!

December 6 – I made a wreath! And it actually didn’t fall apart when I hung it up! And it makes me happy to look at it every time I pull up in the driveway and see it hanging on the front door! I’ll have a whole post on how I made it to share with you at some point. It was actually really easy (except for twisting the hangers – Ben had to help with that part) and compared to the prices of similar wreaths i have seen in stores – was WAY cheaper to make it myself!

And that is as far as I’ve gotten so far.


sorry this post is so superbly boring. I think I bored myself halfway through it. But it had to be done!

Hope all is well with all of you peeptastics!


love and hugs –



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