Today. the 28th.

Just a sampling of the randomness of my days:

I did laundry today. And by “did” i mean I washed four loads, dried them all, and now have it all stacked in baskets in the TV room. I will attempt to fold it all tomorrow. That’ll do, pig, that’ll do. (you have to say that in the accent of the old man in “babe” at the end when the pig has herded all the sheep {Baaaa RAmmmmm Ewwwwweee} into the right ring at the competition. Otherwise it makes no sense.)

Kealey told me today she had deja vu about the second coming of Jesus.

This led to kaylen asking a whole bunch of questions like this:

“Does Jesus have a mustache?”

me – ummmm sure. If you want Jesus to have a mustache, he has the rockingest mustache ever.

“Does Jesus wear socks?”

me – uuhhhhhh……yes. Because Jesus likes warm feet and fuzzy things.

“Does Jesus wear glasses?”

me – (Oh i know this one!!!) No he doesn’t – he has perfect vision and we all will up in heaven.

“Does Jesus have boobies?”

me – “NEW TOPIC!!!!!! Look at that crazy thunderstorm behind us!”


To which all three girls started screaming at me to drive faster before the storm got us.


This Pin made me crack up. like literally about to fall off the couch laughing. I don’t really know why it struck me as so funny.

get it together, crayola.......haha i'm still laughing lol


And then Kendall had a crazy day of what i hope was just autonomic wonkiness – which is our code for “we have no idea what she’s doing but her vitals are making me uncomfortable so let’s hope some oxygen at naptime settles things down”. she did wake up in a slightly better mood, and has a little bit of improvement in her vitals, so i’ll take it. Ben’s in Nashville all week and then I leave for St Louis with the bigs for dance comp so we REALLY dont have time for a stay at the CHdubs. Not to mention that this coming weekend is one year since the first of the big crashes of last summer and i am trying very hard to not let the memories of that day overtake my brain and emotions and turn me into a hot blubbering mess. So we will NOT be visiting the hospital again anytime soon thankyouverymuch.

(side note – i cannot guarantee that that little tidbit up above will not be revisited on or before may 5.)

And sometimes I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.



two blog posts in a row.



t-crest out.

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