the hits keep on comin.

So then….

the water heater broke.

Remember this awesome winter when we had the “polar vortex” causing extreme cold temps? The shower I took was roughly polar vortex level. I know maybe a normal person would  have gotten out before frostbite set in but not me.  I’m a tenacious BEAST. I kept hoping it would turn warm again. I just KNEW it would turn warm again.

It did not.

Of course Ben is somewhere in a different time zone when this stuff happens.

But then i thought

“wait a minnnute….. no hot water means i “can’t” do laundry….or dishes….or cooking….”


But eventually I did go down and try to lite the pilot light again. I dunno who designed these things but having to stick your hand into a dark hole that you are priming gas into and hold a lit match til the ring of fire lights up is a STUPID design. Dumb. Scary. But I tried it multiple times. To no avail. Finally our nurse who was down with me said “ummmm maybe you should take a break from that, it smells really strongly like gas down here now.” Our house is trying to kill me. Or Nicor is at least. Why does every week of my life involve some kind of gas emergency??? Is anyone else wondering this too?

(A recap for those of you not brave enough to be facebook friends with me: a few weeks ago I was cooking a frozen pizza super gourmet meal for my darling children. 20 minutes later the cheese was still frozen, so I open the oven, stick my head in, and proceed to troubleshoot for a few minutes. Yes it reeked like gas but I thought – ok harmful gas is odorless so i must be ok since it smells SUPER strong like gas….so then i ended up laying on the kitchen floor for like 30 minutes with the porch door open because my head hurt so bad and i was puking every few minutes. Apparently i scared my kids to death when i told them to load up in the car we were going to wendy’s instead. i don’t remember going to wendy’s but i think we did. So a couple days later i called nicor because a mob of fb peeps were threatening something and sure enough – our oven was spilling carbon monoxide out like it was it’s job. And a headache and vomiting are signs of CO poisoning. WHO KNEW?!?!?!? Also did you know that the gas company adds something to the gas so you can smell it and get out of your house if you smell it??? I did not. I think that doesn’t make sense. Don’t say gas is odorless but then make it smell….IT’S CONFUSING!!!!
Good news: I did not die.

Better news: I got a new oven that actually heats up and cooks my awesome gourmet meals. Also frozen pizzas.


So a couple weeks after that, we came home from our Make A Wish trip to our WHOLE HOUSE smelling like gas. We called nicor again and sure enough – a small leak inside at our heater and a big leak outside at the meter. 

And then the water heater tank.


I need an old priest and i need a young priest. I need a vial of holy water and six crow eyeballs. And a bunch of sage. “The power of Christ compels you…..”


For serious.

I’m thinking at some point we might should invest in a carbon monoxide detector for our house but….you know. Someday.

Anyways – after getting home from dance last night, i was informed that our downstairs toilet was also broken. So my best friend and I fixed the toilet while her husband bravely went downstairs to attempt lighting the possessed water heater. He was successful. I went and cranked it up to “scald me” level, good thing too because i created two more loads of laundry in the process of fixing the toilet.


And then i went to yoga this morning.

Where my friend said “when it rains it pours”, and I realized – it’s been raining for a few months now.

And I guess at the end of the day, you can either choose to sit and let the rain soak you, or you can go dance in the puddles. (Assuming you aren’t passed out from CO poisoning.)

I hope my attitude has been more puddle dancing than pouting.

oh and that first warm/hot/burning shower??? It was heavenly.

Don’t ever ever ever take hot water for granted.

That’s the real lesson here, party people.  Take more hot showers.

I’m going to attempt a blog post a day in May – but I need your help and ideas. Leave me a comment or send me an email (look! I finally got the email icon thingy to work up there at the top! yay me!) and tell me what you want me to do a vlog on (cause we all know i’m gonna play the lazy game and just phone it in via vlog some days), or what your burning questions are you want me to answer in blog form. And Make a Wish is not an answer. That’s a given. I will get to it I promise.


Oh and see the link on the right? You won’t see it if you’re on mobile –but if you’re on the computer with a real browser (and no IE is not a real browser….seriously people. come into the new century. get firefox or chrome or something.) you will see the links to click on Hope for Kendall or Terra Talking – i am SO CLOSE to 800 on Terra Talking –come be my fan please!!! i’ll love you forever and i’ll buy you oreos and tell you you’re pretty.


love and hugs –



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  1. “That’s the real lesson here, party people. Take more hot showers.” You are the best! Idea for a post: Kealy and Karissa’s dance… ie – how did they get involved, how often do they practice/compete, what kind of dance do they do, what positive effects has it had, how amazingly proud are you, etc…

    • GREAT idea tracy!!!! oh my gosh i meant to tell you – i found notes from andy barfsack the other day from that class (was it bible) when we all sat in the back…they were hysterical! I should blog post about how we all managed to actually graduate from high school…. 😉

    • You still have notes from high school?! Holy cow! I’m sure they are hilarious… I don’t even remember what class that would have been, was it senior year?

  2. I think you are a great writer…..always find your posts interesting. Whatever comes to mind will be great……but….Holy Moly get a carbon monoxide detector!!!
    ps….how did you and Ben meet? You could write about that.

  3. For the love of God, woman, get a carbon monoxide detector!!!!! They are not too expensive but could seriously save your lives! Get one for each level of your home. Carbon monoxide is odorless but natural gas is the one you can smell because they add the smell to it. Both can be deadly. Ok, rant over.

    Love your blog posts, Terra. I never know whether I’ll be laughing or crying or both. Keep ’em coming!

  4. I love your posts. I have never commented before – except on the FB post you did about those toilet tattoos. (Amazing!)
    (for your information – when you replied to my post – I was so excited. My 14 year old daughter told me that I was “fan girling” whatever that means). I just love your everyday spin on life and how you remind me to dance in the rain! Thanks!

    • cindy – you just TOTALLY made my day! I am LOLing! Thank you for your kind words – and please comment more so i can respond more and we can both dutifully embarrass your darling 14 year old! 😉