The Way Kathy Lee needed Regis

That’s the way I need Jesus.

That Kanye West is so spiritually deep.

But seriously. It becomes more evident to me every day that there is no way I can get through any day without the strength granted me by the Holy Spirit. When I try to do things my way, on my own – those are the days complete meltdown occurs.

So one of the funnest parts of vacation, besides Karissa’s little escapade in the gas station bathroom, and her getting the flu and puking her guts out for the first three days, was Kaylen and her ears. So after whining about it to Ben, he agreed that we should just go right to the specialist to see what we could do,324blog4 besides just try a new and fun antibiotic complete with all its side effects for which you need more antibiotics. I called Monday morning and they had an appointment for us that afternoon. Thank the good Lord. I didn’t think I could go even two more days without SOME kind of answers or help for this child.

We get into the office and the dr. walks in and says, "so you’re here about tubes?" I was like, "um, no I just am tired of getting handed the antibiotic flavor of the week by our ped and would like to actually address the real issue here." His response was "Yeah, 5 ear infections in an 8 month old? you’re here about tubes." He actually is a GREAT doctor, and I am really glad we went. He sent us for a hearing test which we got right in for, and after the results of that, my mind was definitely made up for me. She failed completely on her left side and barely passed on the right side, failing more than she passed. This doesn’t mean she is deaf or has the total hearing loss that karissa had, but it could definitely head there fast if the problem isn’t fixed soon. So – we scheduled the surgery. Friday the 25th of April is the big day. thanks to all of you who already have volunteered to help me out – I do appreciate it and as soon as I figure out what I am doing with my life I will definitely be taking you up on your offers!

In other news…

well there really is no other news.

324blog1That’s about it. Dealing with a child in constant pain all day is about all I have time for lately. I am glad that at least today the sun is out. That will go a long way towards helping me feel more sane today. I might even venture outside the house for the first time in…a lot of hours…

Don’t forget to drink your fruit today.

My fruit happens to be coke.

with a nice Jack chaser.


ok i’m kidding. kind of.

I need to go figure out what other 829 things I need to be doing today.

Jesus walks with me.

{you know what the midwest is? young and restless}

peace out.


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  1. My fruit is COFFEE. Especially the Odwalla Brand Coffee. Oh, and I really like the Hot Pocket Hot Pocket Breakfast Burrito, it’s a hot pocket stuffed in a hot pocket, stuffed in a burrito. It tastes just like a hot pocket.

  2. am i to assume by your references that your track tuesday would have included a few kanye west tunes?


  3. Hey Girl! Long time no talk to! Let me tell you from experience, 2 of my 3 kiddos had the earaches just like your little one. Tubes will make all the difference in the world!!!!! My daughter was like a different child after hers! It works wonders for your sanity. She actually had 10 sets of tubes by the time she turned 5. They outgrow them and tubes fall out after 6 – 12 months (well 5 yrs ago they did at least) but by the time she was 5 we were pretty much done with them. Good luck and holler at me if you wanna know more detail Love ya chica!

  4. Ohhhh man. So sorry to hear about your little one. Jack seemed to have an ear infection all winter long and we just stopped after the 3rd round of antibiotics. He wasn’t fussy, so the doctor said to just let it be and see what happens. I hope she’s feeling better soon 🙂