More Vacation Pics

Watch out – this one’s gonna have  a lot of them. First up – YAY! I scrapped. For like the first time in…..way too long to remember. I like being creative just for creativity’s sake – vs. the WORK of being creative with other people’s photographs. k3expressionswebi need to load this into the gallery – but all credits are from Gina Miller’s new collab kit with Lauren Grier – Amy Lou.

So now hopefully I will get back into a good rhythm and find my scrappin’ mojo again.

Not that I am amazingly mojo-riffic by any means, but I like the "done-ness" of having scrapped a moment in time, printing it out, and adding it to the girls’ albums to look through together. I need to do that with Karissa soon. it seems like we are always looking at Kealey’s albums, and I need to dig Karissa’s out soon. This could be due in large part to the fact that Kealey has 3 very thick albums dedicated to her first year of life, while Karissa has one album that is maybe 3/4 filled with all the pages through her 3rd birthday. Kaylen has…ummm….a few pages done, randomly scattered throughout my "faux studio" downstairs…

Ok on to some more vacation pics.

One nite we decided to go out for ice cream FIRST, and then meet Poppa and blog1Namna for dinner. I mean, who doesn’t love a good first course of ice cream followed by some freshly harvested seafood? i guess when the weather is 85 and sunny – you’ll eat anything at anytime. So here we are at "The Love Boat". i have no idea why this ice cream shop was called that. but DANG did they have some good ice cream. They hand-make and create like 50 some different flavors every day. I was paralyzed with indecision. I mean, I have a hard time choosing between TWO flavors, let alone 50. But the girls enjoyed it. they were’nt quite ready for how extremely fast ice cream melts in the summertime though…

Ben and I ended up eating a LOT of ice cream, trying to stay ahead of the messiness of all of our melting ice cream cones. And Kaylen helped out too.



blog2 Tell me she doesn’t look ready to level the first person who tries to take that cone away from her….wow. Do NOT mess with the baby and her ice cream!

And of course – this is what we eventually ended up with…blog3

These pictures are all a little "off" because I was using my little point and shoot and its fricking hard to correctly color balance on that thing. Takes pretty good pictures for its size I guess…but its not the same.

So anyways – we meet at the restaurant for dinner which was yummolicious , and afterwards decided it was such a nice night that we would go mini-golfing. Which Kealey thinks can only happen on vacation in Florida. Maybe we should try to take her sometime this summer up here. Just to prove to her that mini-golfing is a nationwide sport. We tried out a new course this year that looked fun. And this is what we see on the first hole. blog6

Enough said.

Luckily, the following holes weren’t nearly as suggestive as the first.


I have no idea why playing mini-golf ed to such an aggressive stance for pictures…apparently the jungle theme brought out the lion in everyone?

tony the tiger was channeling ben?

We were trying to toughen them up cause we were sick of the whining?

Maybe all of the above.

and hey look – its an actual picture of ME on vacation with blog8my children! I can actually prove I was HERE this year! (for the record, i believe this is the first picture of me on vacation we have in about 4 years.)

And lest you all think we forgot about the poor baby – she was there.

She had a fun time just chillin’ in her stroller. Until we decided to see if we could make a hole in one with her stroller. Thank God for Ben and his cat-like blog9reflexes. There is a funny video of her rolling down the hill (with ben holding the stroller this time) that I have to figure out how to upload.

Good times, good times.

So anyways. That was our first day of vacation. Mostly.

Dang i wish it was warm here already!

I am beginning to think we have entered some kind of time/weather warp whereby it will NEVER be summer. EVer. Again. We are doomed to this insane cold weather and non-stop illnesses in our children. Doomed to be locked inside for the next 9 weeks cause its too frackin’ cold outside!!!

Ok maybe that’s a tweed bit overdramatic. Which i know is so unlike me.

Today is going to be a crazy one – back in our usual Thursday swing of things with dance class, dinner, and a mad dash to AWANA all in the span of 90 minutes. I feel  so blah today. Like I have a hundred things to do and no desire to do anything. Except eat mongolian bbq.  Yeah I could go for a nice huge plate O THAT right about now.

Ok. I’ll stop rambling for now.

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  1. I was laughing out loud at that miniature golf “hole.” Are they serious?!
    I have about as many pics of me on vacation as you. I don’t know how that happened, but apparantly I’m the only one concerned with preserving memories.
    See you guys soon! Faith 🙂

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