The Last Day.

We survived the year. I started with such tears and apprehension about sending my baby out into the big cruel world. And i ended it still not sure I like this whole school thing, but glad we made it. here they are = kealey’s last morning as a blog6kindergartener, pushing their sister in the broken baby stroller, wearing their new last day of school dresses. (Don’t ask me why karissa has one too. its just easier to not explain things to a 3 year old in the middle of walmart.)

she looked so grown up this day. She has started to look grown up to me all the time actually. I hear her doing little hand clap chants with her friends outside and I think – when did she learn that? Wasn’t she just learning how to say “shobbigo” (popsicle), and “blesshit” (bless it), and “numno” (tylenol)? And now she’s this big “first grader”, ready to take on the world.

blog5But on the last day of school, Ben hurried home from work so  we could all go greet her at the bus stop. I felt like i was waiting for her to get off the plane after a month long journey. This was the last time for ablog4 blessed three months that we would wait for the big bus to round the corner and deliver her safely back home. I started out the year with good intentions of always meeting her AT the stop – but then cold rainy snowy weather hit, and I realized that I was just as good of a mom if i watched from the window.

  I think, in spite of our big huge banner that I had painted saying ” Yay Kealey! We’re proud of you!”, that she was happy we were all there to get her off the bus. I only cried a little bit. More like, teared up. for her “graduation” present, we had gotten her her own little digital camera, which i will admit, i was VERY torn about letting her take to school, but she took very good care of it and is starting to really take some DSC_0003nice pictures. I’ll have to dump her card soon here and share some.

And since I am on a roll with a picture heavy post – here are some more.

I cannot believe how big kaylen has gotten. Not size-wise necessarily (she’s still in a LOT of 3-6 month clothes), but just – becoming more toddler-like and less baby-like. Here she is – proud of herself as can be that she opened up mommy’s file drawers by herself. And YAY she is finally starting to grow some hair! i was comparing pics of the other girls on their first birthdays – kealey had two paltry little piggie-tails, and karissa had a FULL ON ponytail with a huge boblog2w. Kaylen will be lucky if i can use enough karo syrup to glue a barrette on!

In this one – her eyes look a little weird – its because I thought it was so cool that you can so clearly see me taking the picture reflected in her eyes – you have to look close for it…but a cool shot nonetheless. And plus, how can you resist that adorable face? I do not know why kaylen’s pics all got the watermark and none of the other ones did…but just deal.

Karissa is so excited to have “See-See” home all summer. They really do play together so well for the most part. blog3 Until Kealey starts sending Karissa in to do the dirty work (i.e., in a stage whisper heard across the house, “Karissa, go ask mommy if we can have more Oreo’s!”), and then her plans backfire and she STILL is the one getting in trouble…and then its naptime! But other than those random times – they are good friends. And i am so thankful for that. Here is Karissa walking around with her bracelets between her toes – thinking it was THE MOST hilarious thing she had ever done.   We finally have the pool up now and I think they have been in it pretty much all day. Nevermind that the water is about 45 degrees and is a little too chlorinated still. They are FISH i tell you. blog1We had Kaylen in for about 20 minutes too and she DID NOT want to get out. I have to find our baby float or my arms are going to be killing me all summer holding her up!

On that note – I better go get dinner started. We have a crazy weekend ahead. Actually a crazy month ahead.

But what else is new?


Oh – one more thing.

The Indi-flamers concert that was cancelled this past spring has been rescheduled for OCTOBER 5!!!!! I can get tickets on pre-sale since i got gypped last time. i would LOVE To go with someone. I was going to drag my good friend CLC with me last time, but she will have a nursing infant this time around…If you would like to go with me – EMAIL ME ( I have to buy tickets on June 19th. Please someone go with me! It will be fun I promise!!!

the inimitable T-crest

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  1. i have a great floatie thing for kaylen. we’re not using it this summer and i think it will do the trick. remind me when i see you.