Is there a Children’s Day???

Kealey asked me today – “mommy, isn’t there like a kids day or a children’s day or a sisters day or SOMETHING???” (this is while we were shopping for Ben’s Father’s Day gift.) I told her that yes, actually, there was a Children’s Day that  some places and people celebrate ( I just heard this on K-LOVE, I have no idea if its fact or not). She said “When is it?????” (very excited). “It was last Sunday, actually”.


I was lucky I was stopped at a stoplight or I would have surely gone off the road from laughing so hard at the expression on her face. You would think the child never got ANYTHING special just because! This raising kids thing is harder than it looks, truly.

This has been a crazy week. Just so jam-packed full of running around….yeah. Meetings, appointments, classes, etc. – plus it doesn’t help that this was Ben’s first week gone since before his vacation (so he was home for about a month straight).  and now he will be gone for about a month straight. But he WILL be home on the BIG DAY

July 2 at 10 am we get to answer the question  “Are you finally going to have that boy?!?!?!” This has got to be  one of the strangest questions I get asked (on a daily basis, at least 3 times a day). Can someone point out to me where its a part of the American Constitution that all families must have at least one boy child offspring? I mean, I am asked this by people who are like – upset – that I dared to have three girls without producing a male, presumably as my way of giving back to society? Perhaps trying to offset the chaotic estrogen-filled activity I have unleashed upon the world with my three female offspring? i do’nt know. But at least I can ANSWER the question after that.

Here is hopefully a video of the girls at the B-brk mall today in the sprinkler park, getting absolutely SOAKED by the sprinklers. It was apparently hot enough that Kaylen

didn’t even care that kealey almost drowned her in the big sprinkler – i am talking, not even a whimper out of her! But they had a blast. if you do watch the video, watch how kealey rolls the whole stroller over the sprinkler, ensuring that kaylen would be completely soaking wet the whole way through, head to toe. Good times. Good summer memories. I hope this embeds right.

Anyways – i am finally getting tired enough to call it a day. got another long crazy day ahead tomorrow.

have a good day!


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  1. Hey — I found you!

    Now I can harass you online. 🙂

    And I’ve got to say — having all boys is no better. I still get asked the “aren’t you going to try for a girl?” question often enough to be annoyed. Since, um, NO. (Who TRIES for four kids?? Holy cow! Can I say that out loud?)

  2. Isn’t EVERY day children’s day??! 🙂
    Hey, I, for one think it is great that you have produced 3, maybe 4 girls…you just could never live in China.

  3. Huh, maybe there really IS a kid’s day & we’ve never heard of it, ’cause Evah just asked me the EXACT same question on Monday!

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