I am good at it.

In fact I am doing it right now. Procrastinating doing all that I NEED to do by coming up with random items to add to the to do list that i pretend are important.

This includes blogging, eating an oreo, checking email (again), and looking through a catalog. (OK that one is actually semi-related to the real to-do list, but still.)

DSC_0009i was going to post kealey’s last day of school pics, but I have to process them, so that will have to be a continued later post. But while i was looking through my May folder, I found this little gem. I am going to guess here that while “menzach”was trying to be sneaky and get some pictures of us playing rockband, he first attempted to take a picture of his child by using the screen on the back, like most digital cameras do. You have to use the VIEWFINDER dude. While i am a HUGe fan myself of the head chop as a portraiture style, i think SOME eye contact is necessary. Now its just a disturbing picture of some green “Steve-from-Blue’s-Clues” pajamas. But it made me laugh.

Anyways. More procrastinating.

So this sometimes works – I am going to post my to-do list here and then come back and check it off when I am done.

  • MOPS Steering Team Meeting outline created and emailed to ST Leaders
  • Order created and placed at Oriental Trading for MOPS and KT
  • Finish laundry, fold and put all away
  • clean up toys in living room to go into basement
  • load dishwasher
  • wipe counters and table
  • vacuum floors
  • mop floors
  • grocery list made
  • pictures developed from camera
  • orders taken to PO

AFTERNOON EDIT: So i wasn’t quite as productive according to the list – but I was actually a little more productive than this. We actually went grocery shopping with the list I made, which, with all three kids, is truly an adventure. I also made lunch. (Instead of letting the wonderful afternoon crew at mcD’s do it for me). and I got most of the house straightened up.

That is all I can think of right now. Anything else will exhaust and overwhelm me.

So ready….set……off i go

back later for the update!


So – best laid plans don’t always happen – but having the list is somewhat handy. It gives me a reference at least when I feel like I don’t even know where to start.

And now I have to finish getting the orders ready and throw all the kids in the car to make it to dance class on time.

Later dudes.



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