Strangely Quiet…

I hardly know what to do with myself right now. Light of day has broken and yet, I am the only one awake in my house. Not even the STOOPID dogs are whining to be let out yet. After a crazy nite in which I dumped an entire 5 gallon bucket of hot mopping water all over the floor minutes before all my friends arrived for bunco, setting off a chain reaction among all the fire alarms in our house for 5 straight minutes, setting off three screaming panicky children not to mention the fact that there are FIVE GALLONS of water running all over the floors of my downstairs…then having baby girl 3 proceed to spend the entire nite screaming in her crib while I am trying to get my bunco on…

Aftr all that…i get this. Peace and Quiet. I am almost afraid to move or type too fast – like I’ll make the moment be over too soon. But i wanted to capture this moment. And treasure it. and just breathe it in. Cause it so rarely happens. God is good. He knows i needed this. Not that i am accomplishing ANYTHING with this time. But that I just needed to stop and BREATHE. Feel restored. If only for a few minutes on a boring Tuesday morning.

I have photography work to catch up on like you would not believe. Feeling SO blessed at how that is taking off. Now to just get the organizational business skills in place to keep it moving forward and not pissing people off for making them wait too long. And to pray that we do continue to have a steady stream of new customers. Such an amazing thing to be part of people’s memories, families, lives – to capture a moment of their story for them.

Christmas will be here in what – 5 weeks now? i cannot believe its Thanksgiving this thursday! I love this time of year. I want to make this year truly special for the girls – I want them to catch the fun and excitement that seems to be in the air this whole season. We have been listening to the Holiday Station in the car a lot and its so fun to see them singing along with some of the songs! Karissa will often walk around just singing – "you better not pout I telling you why"…and then proceed to have a meltdown 5 minutes later…but still – its adorable while it lasts! Ben keeps telling me "not to go overboard" this year with gifts. So while it wo’nt be a christmas of presents piled three feet high under the tree – it is my hope that at least its a christmas of presents piled high in their hearts. Presents of good memories, of new traditions being created and old ones being passed down.

I hear the lovely pitter-patter of someone’s little feet.

My beautiful precious quiet time has ended and now my day begins. But the beauty of these few moments will stay with me all day.

Craziness – here we all come!

Oh – for a good time – go here.

Too Much Time On Their Hands

My brother, sister-in-law, and cousin started a new band. Its good for a few laughs if you ever owned one of those amazing plastic tackle boxes to put your makeup and "hair scrunchies" in when you were in junior high.

Peace out homeslices.


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