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I spent two hours at the girls’ dance rehearsal tonite – this is part of their big main number. And now its stuck in my head! don’t worry – you will all be subjected to lucky enough to view this dance via video upload in a few weeks!

I just spent about an hour reading through posts from last year at this time. Oddly enough, they read MUCH like the posts from THIS year at this time! Everyone puking, breathing treatments, Kendall being sick, me being exhausted, blah blah blah. Circle of life apparently.

I feel like its all I whine about. And I am kind of over it. I would love it to just be spring now – but that isn’t likely to happen, so I need to figure out a way to get through the rest of the winter with some sense of sanity, and perhaps even a few good family memories thrown in there! But I am not sure yet how to accomplish that. i am sure that one of the first steps involves more sleep and breathing than I have currently been getting, but after that….i got nothin’. I have idea, but nothin’ solid. Watch for it though. it’s going to come bubbling up soon – ways to have fun family fun in the middle of a long sickness-filled winter!

Anyways – tomorrow we are having a pulse oximetry monitor delivered for miss kendall. This is the first step towards figuring out what else is really going on with some of her randomly weird episodes. They could be “desat” episodes, where she truly isn’t breathing as well as we all assume and hope, or they could be completely autonomic in nature. The plan right now is to monitor her continuous overnight, with spot checks during the day or when we’re seeing “an episode”, for the next month. If we are consistently getting low sats, or we are tying her episode symptoms to lowered sats, then we are to call back to Dr. A’s office immediately, and oxygen will be ordered as yet another “supplement” for her. I am not quite sure how I feel about all this. Relieved on one hand, that I will finally have the tools in place to figure out a little better exactly what is going on with her. Sad a little bit for her that we even have to get to this point.

and yet – I look back on the posts from last year, and I see how VERY SICK she was, and had been for a while….and I know that she is in a much better place now. I cannot complain about anything because at the end of the day, she is still here. And that is truly enough!

She also starts aqua therapy tomorrow – which is physical therapy in the pool. I cannot WAIT to see how she reacts to this – because I think she is going to absolutely LOVE it!

So I will have lots to update tomorrow!

Hope you all have a happy February – I can’t believe it’s february already!


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