Miles to Go before I sleep…

Oh my lord.

What a day…

It started with, obviously, my grandiose plans from this morning.

After 5 hours of working on stuff, I took the girls to get McD’s pancakes because, well, I didn’t need the mess. Long story short – Kealey started the car for me as I was still getting Kaylen dressed. While her and Karissa were in it. In the garage. With the garage door shut.

So after a good verbal smackdown on my apparently death-wish filled children, we make it to McD’s in time for breakfast. Always a good time. I HATE when they stop making breakfast items a good 20 minutes before breakfast ends. Here’s a hint – JUST SERVE IT ALL EFFING DAY please.

Then we come home to more packing/preparations.

This time, the death wish was transferred to the kitty.

They tied him up to the dog’s rope that keeps him in place every nite. Its bolted into the wall, about 3 feet long. The kitty jumps on the couch, but then doesn’t have quite enough rope left to jump DOWN from the couch. After about 5 panic filled minutes of me trying to keep pumping the cat’s heart and loosen this unbelievably tight knot – I finally got it loose and he was able to breathe. AGAIN with the verbal smackdowns.


ok i feel better now.

thank God for good friends who know when to take your children, feed them, play with them, and just give you a break for a while. I then was able to get all the deliveries made of orders, finish up the last minute shopping, and even get my first real meal in 2 oer 3 days, i lost count. We made it to dance class, I made it to Macy’s (no swimsuit luck though – I need to lose about 183 more pounds apparently) and then to Awana. I am BEAT.

I have all of the girls’ stuff packed. All of the baby necessities ready to go.

Now I just need to finish the snack packing/separation, get all my supplements packaged up, and find a bag large enough to take all of my electronic equipment plus fun stuff for 20 hours of entertainment for moi.

I am thinking this will easily turn into a 22 or 23 hour day for me.

So why the heck am i sitting here blogging?

I guess for sympathy??? no?

who knows.

Ok i am back to packing.


i’m mrs. lifestyles of the rich and famous.

you wanna piece of me?



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  1. I was kinda hoping for a picture of the cat, until I read a little further & realized how incredibly harried your day was…what WERE you doing blogging!? Bless you, chica!

  2. Hey… free up some room and time if you leave the supplement suitcase at home… And wear the feet patches instead of packing them… think of all the toxins that can be sucked out whilst you sit in the car. Don’t forget about the statue.