Live from…Florida

Its Sunday Nite Live!!!

we made it.


we survived.

i have no idea how. blog6

WOW that was hard – 14 hours the first day, driving OUT of that crazy storm that hit Chicago at 4 am, getting to Atlanta around 6 pm. The girls did SUCH a great job, only getting antsy towards the very end of the day. Kaylen was more of a trooper than I anticipated, but also slept a lot less than i would have thought. The second day, we were up at 5 am to leave atlanta, and made it here to ft. myers by 3:30 pm. We hit a TON of stupid traffic for accidents and whatnot. Definitely tired of the car and blog1 everyone in it – we were all so tired of everything – by the time we got here. but waking up today to gorgeously warm weather, and going swimming together – that made it all worth it!






So – I really really thought i would stay up till midnite to have my first drink of Coke in 6 weeks. Ok I obviously underestimated my extreme tiredness from the last three days, and then I got to thinking – why drink just a can of coke from the fridge? I should hold out for a McDonald’s Coke. And as of yet – we have not gone to McDonald’s. I am shocked at this. But strangely, not completely crazy with craving yet. Maybe for breakfast in the morning.

It was a lot of fun just playing blog2 in the back with my girls on the drive. I told them stories, taught them to play "Go Fish", explained how to look for the exit numbers – you know, all practical stuff! And for the first time in a few years, i just put on the swimsuit today and got in the pool with them. I haven’t done that in a while cause, well, i hate how I look in a swimsuit. its stupid and selfish and petty i know, but, we all have our own journeys to go on and this one is mine. I think they loved having me be "the fun mommy" again.




Its making me really evaluate how much fun I can be putting into the everyday. By just doing simple little things. Like taking walks. I went on a small one tonite before dinner with kealey. She found a coconut. A completely rotted out coconut but MAN was she impressed with that thing. She carted it the whole way back home, all 8 lbs of it! (This meant, of course, that I had to carry the scooter AND push the baby stroller, but seeing her look of accomplishment and pride – totallblog5y worth it!)

So yeah  vacation is going well. I need probably 3 more weeks of just vegging like this to feel fully myself again I think. I may even try to scrap a page or two this week. THAT would be the ultimate sign of relaxation.

I’ll be back for more tomorrow I am sure. Can’t leave you all hanging all week!



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  1. your swimsuit comment reminded me of a huge lesson i learned a few years ago with my kids. in general, i didn’t like doing things i wasn’t good at, so i hesitated doing a lot of stuff but then i realized how limiting that was for them as well as me. i realized how many things we wouldn’t experience if i didn’t try. so i decided to give up being good enough and just “being”. and for the record, i’m not “good enough” in a swimsuit, but hey, that’s not stopping me anymore either, even this summer. 😉

    (just keep your damn camera away if you ever come with me.j/k)

  2. Hey, Terra! I’m so glad you guys got there safely!! Have a great time, and tell Kealey that “her” fish is doing great in our fish tank. She can come see him anytime!
    Faith 🙂

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a great time 🙂 You were so brave to do the drive, we thought about it and decided that Jack would just lose it. Can’t wait to see more pics!

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