67 Hours.

Until my first drink of that beautiful beautiful substance in over 6 weeks.

I cannot believe I will have made it. I have two VERRRRYYYY hard days of resistance ahead of me though. Traveling south, in God’s country where when you ask for a coke at a restaurant they ask you what kind…..ahhhhhhhh, life is good. Well, it would be better if i had actually lost any amount of weight giving up a good 1/3 of my dietary intake via coke, but, macht nicht. I am almost at the end of this little journey and I think I will hopefully have  a few minutes on vacation to stop and really think about what I learned from giving up something so near and dear to me during Lent.

Right now, however, I am running on the adrenaline that only comes from the sheer panic that sets in right before a large trip is planned with three children in tow.

In the car.

For 20 hours.

all together.


Dropped a grip O’ money at wally world buying pretty much anything under the sun that seemed remotely entertaining to the older two. I probably need at least one or two toys to entertain kaylen.

So here’s my list for today:

  • Finish folding laundry and put away everything that isn’t for vacation.
  • Find a swimsuit from the bins downstairs that will fit Kaylen.
  • Run to Macy’s for one last desperate search to find a swimsuit in "beached whale size".
  • Arrange 2 order deliveries for 2Sisters, and then deliver them.
  • Type up instructions for fish feeding and ensure that we have someone who can come feed the fish. (Do I have any takers???? Great experience for the resume!!!!) Give a big HOLLA to Grant – THANKS!!!
  • Pack the girls’ activity bags. I was going to paint them all cutesy with their names and stuff but now I am thinking letter stickers will be a MUCH better way of not making myself crazy.
  • Pack the girls’ suitcase. don’t forget underwear and socks. and toothbrushes.
  • Pack my suitcase. do’nt forget above mentioned items.
  • Clear the hard drive of all march client folders so i have some space for vacation picture unloading. Burn DVD’s as needed.
  • Take the dog to the vets over in BFE, arrange for pre-payment so sister can pick him up a day early and bring him home. figure out plan for Saturday/return so he is not in cage all day.
  • drive home from vets over in BFE.
  • Feed children lunch, kealey on bus on time.
  • Karissa to dance class at 4:45.
  • Mad dash home at 5:45 to pick up kealey and friend for Awana.
  • Awana’s. During this time need to run to Jewel to pick up some fruit to slice up for snacks for trip on Friday.
  • Pick up kids and go thru drive thru for  some chicken for dinner. Got the fruit at wally world already, and picked up Panera soup for once we get home. MUCHAS gracias to my ethnic friend CLC for pitching in and taking one for the team.
  • Feed kids dinner and put them to bed in warm pj’s or clothes so they can transfer right to car in the morning.
  • Load Ipod with new songs and workout video that i have to figure out how to rip into itunes.
  • Make sure all dishes are cleaned and everything is straightened up cause i HATE COMING HOME TO A MESSY HOUSE after vacay. And its not usually messy its just – crap i didn’t clean up before we left.

Ok so – really – things are handleable. I can do this. It will just require a lot of planning today and a lot of staying OFF this thing till later tonite. And probably a lot of coffee because for some god-forsaken reason I am up at 5:15. and I have a grip of laundry to fold. And outfits to separate into ziploc baggies for the girls. 

i had a really good chat with a friend yesterday. Just real conversation. About what is really going on with her in life. Its so good to have those catch up times. I am so thankful for my friends. I have been truly blessed. I love talking with each and every one of you. You all help me so much throughout each day, in different ways, and I do’nt tell you all thank you enough. So if you’re reading this, thanks.

I have heard from so many of you who liked Track Tuesday and offered suggestions for further playlists! I can’t wait till next Tuesday now! And just a word of explanation on this past playlist –

Those are CLASSIC guitar rock songs. Not up to date by any means.  Those are the foundational songs upon which any and every mp3 player should be built.They should just  come pre-loaded with those songs. There will be some more current selections in future playlists, but I was merely giving the younblog320ger crowd some edumacation on how to begin building your music library. Just wanted to clarify that since some people were questioning whether or not I have turned on the radio in the past 18 years. Which I have. but rarely. 😉

I’ll update tonite on my list progress!

Kaylen says "Please please please let it be Easter morning soon so my mommy can have  a coke again. Amen."

In the infamous words of Mr. Rob Van Winkle –



and Listen.

terra j.

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  1. Don’t GOOOO please! Who am I going to talk to? Or mumble to as the case may be tomorrow….. just kidding, Have lots of fun and take picta!

  2. “but I was merely giving the young blogger crowd some edumacation on how to begin building your music library”

    wow. the young crowd reads your blog?


    have a good trip. grant will indeed be on pet duty. add to your list, #103 give neighbor guy very explicit directions on what to do with animals. otherwise, mr. eel may not make it.

  3. So first off, what I’m understanding from your sacreligious ways is that Jesus was thinking as he was walking down the via della rosa: “Man this is effing hard” and now on Easter Sunday we celebrate with Coke? Have you gone to church in the last 18 years?

  4. so, i’m your ethnic friend now? is that a promotion? did i steal a former ethnic friend’s spot?


    have a good trip. and a good easter. i’m afraid we might all get a coke version of drunk dialing on sunday after your 40 days of withdrawl.