Just because…

I think its good to laugh out loud sometimes.

A friend just sent me this. It’s semi-ridiculous in some parts, but if you don’t at least smirk at some parts of this, your funny bone is definitely broken, yo.

I think I personally lost it at the “if you’re catholic, there’s even more” part about halfway through.

I am still processing a lot, and yet, life marches forward. Meetings and agendas and emails and planning – it doesn’t slow down just cause I don’t feel like dealing with it right now.

the girls are having a lemonade stand right now – I finally relented to the daily onslaught of requests for this privilege. They have made a dollar. Thank God for kind-hearted FedEx Home Delivery drivers who stop on a hot day to make two little girls’ day. It warmed my heart. Maybe I am overly emotional/hormonal. It was touching.

Otherwise – life really truly is good. i wish summer would last forever. I can’t stand to think of July being over.

Thanks for everyone who has contacted me about the Leslie picture project. i think i may have found an acceptable, yet less expensive alternative. i’ll post more details about it as I get them. Because of course i have about 982 other things on my to-do list that all have to be done yesterday. why do i do this to myself???

Anyways – i need to go rustle up some grub for the yung-ins.

hopefully i have more serious blog-fodder by tomorrow.



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  1. nice video…i was kinda ready to be offended, ha. but it was too silly (and true-ish) thanks, i laughed!

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