Friday Free-for-All

Welcome to my random tirades for today.

We’ll start with this lovely weather, shall we? Walking outside to feed the dog at 7:30 this morning, I knew it was going to be bad. Just checked – we’re at 94% humidity. And they felt the need to re-iterate this with the written forecast:

“Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms possible. Humid. high 87F, Low 63F.”

Really? It’s going to be humid??? I am terrified to go outside again. It feels like my lungs stick together on the inside. It’s getting harder to breathe inside, in the air con; I truly fear what its like outside. I could NOT get my breath last nite at Ben’s softball game and i hate that panicky feeling. Perhaps this would be a good time to evaluate the efficacy of actually staying on my asthma meds as preventive measures vs. overdosing on them in emergency breathing situations. But you know, why change now after 32 years with it?

Ben injured himself pretty bad last night in the softball game. His calf muscle has been bothering him for  a few weeks (so he tells me last nite after tDSC_0022 he injury), but running down to 1st he heard it pop and was almost instantly down (of course he made himself safe first so he got the hit not the out). I ran over and could see is spazzing around and could just tell he had done some serious damage. From what I can feel he tore it in two places, pretty wide, long tears of the fibers. He is limping around and I do feel sorry for him. I give him HUGE props though for actually admitting that he realizes that compared to the aches and pains of pregnancy and childbirth that he has nothing to complain about. What a good guy, hey? So pray that his leg heals up fast, because his patience to actually LET it heal is about nil. I was so excited that he made it home a day early though – those are always the best surprises.

and OH. MY. LORD.


The Junior is coming to town! I may just turn into a Sox fans yet. I am going to be very very torn at the game on the 18th. I will have something to cheer about almost every inning though! Ok weird confession time – when I can’t fall asleep at nite, instead of counting sheep, I create my Mariners dream team lineup in my head. I have to rotate my outfielders just because there are so many good ones to choose from. i went through a long period where Junior and A-fraud were off the list because I was so mad at them for selling out. But then I realized that my team wasn’t the same without them. They bring a certain panache to the team that just enhances their fielding and hitting abilities. Clearly I need more stuff to fill up my free time since THIS is what my mind wanders to in moments of insomnia. It’s a good line up though. I may have to create a separate blog page to spell it out complete with the diamond to show positions. but this i can promise you. I-Chee-Rooooooooooooooooohhhhhhwill also be right. He is untouchable in the position. And he still doesn’t speak a lick of English but God Bless him anyways.

(don’t say I didn’t warn you that it would be random today…)

just a few more things:

to the policeman i argued with yesterday in Oak Park, my apologies. it was probably wrong of me to sit and argue with you, but let’s face it, i was right. there was not a no parking sign there, meaning, even more so since i wasn’t technically PARKING, that I did have a right to leave my running car there while I ran in to get something. Let this be a lesson to you to not argue with a pregnant woman with three kids in the car on a hot humid day in July. Thank you and good day.

I cannot believe I am almost up to 5000 visitors to my little site! I mean, i am sure I am past that since I just installed the stat counter in March after the whole hacking fiasco. But still. Its a fun thing to watch that little number go up and up. i will have DSC_0046a to do something for the 5000th visitor celebration. I can’t tell who it is from my stats, but we’ll do some kind of fun prize/game thing. I have no idea why i am so giddily excited over the fact of hitting 5000 visitors.

And lastly – the picture project for Leslie – for those who have asked. it will basically be an album of all the images I took at their session this spring, plus the CD of all the images, and a dvd slideshow of them set to music. It was the album/matting that was causing the expense, but I believe I have found a slightly less expensive alternative, while still providing beautiful archival quality for them. So thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out. If you still feel like donating a few dollars towards the project, paypal me at and just make a note that its for the A family project.

And because text only posts are boring, I’ve just added a few recent favorite pics to this post to keep with the random theme.

And one last thing (i think), for those of you who have been wondering how i am feeling (since i have notedly avoided going in depth on that topic in a few days), I am doing good. My emotional upheaval is at this point more for those who WERE close to her, for the closure for the church body, the healing that will come there. Physically, the contractions stopped and I am dealing only with the usual braxton-hicks and other aches and pains of being pregnant. Thank you so much for those of you who were concerned and your prayers – they meant a lot and helped even more.

I think that is all for the randomness for the moment. But you never know. i may just decide to come back and bore you all more later.

have a GREAT weekend! Stay cool…



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  1. I really love the one of all 3 sitting in a nest of bright tutus. I would in fact like a copy! What’s the best way to do that?


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