I’m Telling!!!


i cannot believe that i have finally triumphed in my quest to find this show!

I have talked to countless friends over the years trying to figure out if ANYONE remembered this awesome show and nobody did! Well, apparently SOME cool people on the internet remembered it, and some were even nice enough to convert into a nice friendly You Tube format for me! So now i can share it with you. Picture a very 80’s influenced young me, sitting on the floor in front of the TV, my brother and i meticulously planning out how WE would know what prizes the other person had picked via a special coding we had come up with (I think it was something like, pick the first six prizes in order).

And oh the memories this little video brought back. TELL ME that you remember this show! i know josh and I were not the only kids on earth who watched it! Go ahead – let the memories come back to you – go watch it now…

Ok now where do I even begin…

the haircuts. the dorky clothes. THE FAG ROLLED JEANS UP TO THE KNEES!!!!

the acting skills of the children in the show. the little blonde kid just having a FIT that his sister says she eats like a human being cracks me up – i mean, give the kid an oscar for crying out loud! did they coach him to act like that?

and then come the prizes.

Back in the day, i must have thought they were pretty hella cool prizes. But look at them! (and yes I realize that technology has moved us past a computer the size of a small car and that a “WIRELESS PHONE” isn’t just that crazily awesome anymore since everyone has one of those), but hello??? The entire set of Hardy Boy mysteries? a GLOBE in a wooden stand??? WHO WOULD PICK THAT?!?!?! And I also like how one of the parting gifts was for $100 of the “NEW” juicee slurpees from 7-11. Really? i guess i thought those things had been around since the beginning of time, but apparently I was mistaken.

anyways – I just wanted to share my utter joy and moment of nostalgia with you that i finally figured out the name of this stupid show AND found a clip to show you how awesome it is.


I’ll be back with a more sustenance filled post later.


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  1. Wow. First of all, I cannot believe I just sat through 8 minutes of that. Second of all, I do NOT remember this show! But, the host is extremely creepy. I love how the brothers and sisters will hardly hug each other because, let’s face it, that’s gross when you’re 12.

    Thank you for the amusement.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!
    I totally remember this show! And, yes it was just pick the first 6 prizes to the left. Dude this rocks! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do now so I’ve got to go watch some more episodes.

  3. O M G!!! I totally used to watch that show with my sister. I remember lamenting the fact that we could never be on the show because it was always brothers and sisters. I cannot believe it! I never would’ve remembered that existed! I just had crazy flashbacks!