Here man, have a dolla


Just a song that got randomly stuck in my head the other day and I wanted to share it with you.

“Be strong – serve God only – know that if you do beautiful heaven awaits.”

anyways – at one point in my randomly random life I knew every single lyric to that song. Good times back in the day!

Today is about as Monday as Mondays can get. Woke up to a lovely inbox FULL of negativity and it just pushed me over the edge. See I got to spend the whole weekend worrying about whether or not my baby will be diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, and so many people get so wrapped up in petty little stupid things. Petty.

Do you? Do you stay pretty focused on the bigger picture of life or do you find yourself so wrapped up in certain stresses and issues that really and truly have no bearing or effect on the real quality of your life, your heart? I admit it’s a battle for me some days, but I usually don’t have the luxury of short-sightedness. if I got focused in on every single little issue that may or may not come up in any given day in any of the 937 activities I am involved in, I would have ZERO time to enjoy life. So you do what you can, you go with the flow, and you let the haytah’s keep their negativity to themselves.

On the Kendall front – we still await word on the final verdict. The hospital apparently had to run her screening test (the newborn screen, where they test for all sorts of fun and scary disorders like PKU and Cystic Fibrosis) twice because there were abnormal results the first time. I will be jumpy every time the phone rings between now and tomorrow afternoon. But in good news – she gained 7 ounces at her weight check today. SEVEN OUNCES. That is huge. i have literally poured myself into that child this weekend, and it has finally started to pay off. She’s not out of the woods yet – we have to endure weekly weight checks for at least another month until they can see a good pattern of gaining. We may start the FTT (failure to thrive) workup panel in the next week or two depending on how she is doing. But i am encouraged by today’s gain. it means my hard work hasn’t been in vain. And no matter what else I feel like I am currently failing at – keeping my child alive is not one of them. So I consider it a pretty good day’s work.

That’s really all I have to say about that today.


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  1. I like to think that normally I don’t worry about the little things. Though sometimes, the little things are good distractions from the big things. In general I know that there are more things to worry about than the size of my nose, the snide comment made by some relative, or things not running perfectly. In the big picture, does it matter?

    Did they take a new sample or just re-ran the old sample? Did they say what part was abnormal?

  2. Praise God on that note! The only time in laugh I have ever prayed for weight gain. Isnt there something to say about a sick child reminding you that so many dwell on trivial and meaningless things. Substance…there is something to say about it.

    And I second Llama Momma… you rock at lots of stuff.

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