I *heart* Valentine’s Day!

Happy Heart Day everyone!

The lure of Valentine’s candy sitting next to me on my desk is entirely too strong…Valentiney Twix are so much better than regular ones, aren’t they?

So far it has been a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration (it started yesterday with all the preparations for class parties, box making, Valentine printing, dressing the girls up in special red/pink outfits, etc.) It’s kind of like an indian wedding around here for Valentine’s Day. i am all scatterbrained today but I have ten minutes of quiet while the babies are napping and the girls are at gymnastics so I figured I better blog while i have the chance.

Kendall update:

Thank you to all of you who so faithfully pray for my baby every day, who ask  for updates on her, who tell me that she looks like she is chunking up even if its only to make me feel better – truly, it all means so much to me and i cherish each and every one of you and your comments and emails. I think she has had a pretty good week overall and I am relatively optimistic about Monday’s weight check. The doctor’s office did say that her second screening test came back with normal results, so I felt like i was able to breathe a little easier. Part of me though is still cautious. She just has too many symptoms that are unexplained (as related to CF) for me to rest until I have black and white proof in front of me that she only has one or none of the mutations. Hopefully when i am able to see the test for myself on Monday and have a doctor explain why her first test was elevated and the second one was fine will help me truly be at peace with it. But for now, i am encouraged by what does seem to be a little more pudge on her cheeks, a little less skin hanging off her bones, hearing her attempt to giggle, seeing her holding her head up finally – all these things make me happy today. so we’ll just continue to take it one day at a time. God is good, and He is faithful. He will always provide. I know these things to be true and i cling to them daily.

Everything Else:

Nothing too uber exciting other than that.

i realize i forgot to blog about the nite that Kaylen was going around without a diaper on (because I am starting her potty training and i was JUST putting the last dish in the dishwasher when this happened, its not like i let her run around nekkid all day) – and she pooped on the floor. The girls started screaming and running away from it (because apparently they have never seen a turd before or something?!?!) and the dog goes in and grabs it. He is running around the house with this grody piece of fecal matter in his mouth and the more i yell at him and chase him, the more he thinks its a game. So we finally get him to run outside with it and he drops it. As i go to pick it up with a plastic bag so I can properly dispose of it, he picks it up AND EATS IT!!!!! If that doesn’t make your stomach churn i dont know what will….

anyways, the girls are all still screaming “Ewwww! Gross!” and kaylen is squealing because she thought it was hilarious that we were all running around after the dog and yelling, and i am trying to call my dad to ask if the dog will be sick and when can i let him back inside…oh it was psychotic. But see? this is the kind of crazy crap that happens around here on at least a weekly basis. WHY this is so, i may never know. But there you have it. A poop eating dog, a nekkid baby, and me in the middle of it going, is this for real? how did i get here?

Ok i’ll leave you with a few pictures, just random stuff really.

the first set is of Kaylen being thrown in the air by Ben. These were hilarious when I was taking them because on some of them it just looks like she is flying in midair, levitating baby!






And then of course the pre-requisite Valentine pictures of the girls!





Kendall declined to be photographed for the occasion.

I think I want to actually decorate my bedroom today. In almost 12 years of marriage we have never once actually attempted to make our bedroom look cute/nice/finished. i just have a wild hair today. That and my tres adorable bedding is on clearance at Tarjay.

crap i can’t find a pic of it online – guess i’l have to go in and shoot in with my iphone!!!

Ok homies. I’m out. got to get ready to go wait in line for 8 hours to eat dinner tonite. Cause we’re crazy kids like that who like to live on the edge and go to Valentine’s dinner sans reservations. Holla!

peace out.


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  1. So happy Kendall is on the mend! Max was just blown away that Kealey commented 😉 Can’t begin to imagine potty training Calvin. Only one in diapers sounds so good though… Much love from 4 to 4!

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