December daily 1 & 2.

You may remember my crazy attempts at December Daily in years past. It kind of morphs and fits into whatever I have time/sanity for – but it’s usually some semblance of journaling our memories and traditions in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Sometimes it is about the pictures, other times it’s just random journal-keeping of our activities for that day, no matter how mundane.

And it is PLENTY mundane.

And that is PLENTY ok with me. I could use some mundane every now and then.

20131130_221027000_iOS 1 Anyways – Sunday the 1st we spent rearranging furniture. Or Ben did. It’s his thing. He just feels the need to shuffle couches around every once in a while. I never know if I go somewhere for more than a few hours if I will come home to the house being set up the same way or not. But I like the new set up. It’s a lot more open. We finally bit the bullet and threw out an oversized lovechair thing we have had since Kaylen was a baby. It was a floor model at a furniture store, so when we bought it it was pretty beat up. But it was totally broken within a year. By the time we put it on the curb Sunday afternoon it was being held together by the congealed fruit snacks shoved down it’s sides and little else. So now we have an old 20131202_024304317_iOS couch that was in the basement up here in the family room again. Anyways – it was good to get the basement kind of cleaned back up (it’s the girls’ play area and looks like Hurricane Kaylen recently hit it hard.)
Then my brother, sister in law, and nieces and nephew came all the way from south africa for some pizza and dancing and playing together! (J/K – they are in town already for Christmas. But they did love the pizza.)

Monday I was able to spend some time just chillin in the house, lighting Christmas candles, cranking the 20131202_154213000_iOS holiday station on the music TV, getting some more decorations out and up. It was a really nice and relaxing morning. Then it was onwards to therapy, home to get the girls off the bus, and then I had a chaperone meeting for Kealey’s field trip on Friday. we get to go to the FIELD MUSEUM!!!! i love that place and am so excited to get to go with Kealey’s class – but I will have a group of TEN middle schoolers. TEN. I’m tempted to bring a jump rope and make them all hold onto it as we trek through the museum filling out our forms. Best part of the chaperone meeting: after the teacher had mentioned out loud at least three times and it was on 4 different slides on the powerpoint that the students are NOT ALLOWED TO BRING CELLPHONES PERIOD – this mom asks if they can bring their cellphone to take pictures.  *forehead—palm*  Then there was discussion on what do we do with the kids’ coats cause it’s too cold to not wear them, and there’s no coat check, and it could be unsafe to leave them on the bus – one lady is all “back in my day if we wore a coat we had to carry it. If we didn’t want to carry it, we dealt with the cold. Why are we babying 6th graders??” I almost stood up and started applauding. It was beautiful.


It is now late on Tuesday night and i need to switch out TPN and The NeverEnding Story is on TV and all I want to do is watch it and relive good childhood memories. (But holy cow are these some seriously bad special
Peace out.


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