The Last.

the last post.

The last day of this month of challenges.

20131128_012839000_iOS As i haven’t exactly followed ANY of my self-imposed challenges to a T, I am not paying the price. It is late at night and i am still wrapping up the blogging – that’s exhibit A. The planking topped out around the middle of the month – and I still have not conquered a two minute plank. But I DID get stronger at it. When we started I was collapsing 4 seconds in to a 20 second plank. I am looking forward to picking that one back up again because it was such a simple part of my day – Kealey and I would do it together after she got home from school nearly every afternoon. So much of the issue is just getting into a rhythm/routine/set time of doing these things.

Which is my main problem with pretty much everything in life!

there is no rhythm or rhyme to ANY day of my life! We are all just go with the flow here!

Anyways – that’s another challenge for another month – getting into a schedule.

For this month – i was really and truly challenged – to do something, stick to it, finish it. And even though it may not have been by the exact letter of the law, I did it. I am proud of myself for just doing it.

But beyond that, I feel like i grew, in this stretching of myself. While I have not maybe written any earth shattering or award winning blog posts, I have had to work really hard to get out some of the posts I did. They challenged me to think harder, to keep writing things that normally I would have just kept inside and moved on over. I have connected with some of you via email, facebook comments, messages – beyond what I ever have before. That has been awesome. Another awesome thing? my blog “numbers” (how many people read this blog each day) have almost tripled. I guess there really is something to this whole “blog more often, the readers will come” thing.

I’ve learned a lot of awesome things this past month when it comes to myself, my blog, my writing material, my own strength. I am not positive I will be able to keep up the every day blogging in December, but as I look back over the GAPING holes in the months over the past year, I know I want to be better about it. I want to get more of the memories and details down. I love being able to look back on some of my older posts, and have those memories right at my fingertips. I love being able to connect with some of you through what I write. I love the platform i am able to have to continue spreading Kendall’s amazing story. I can only hope that as God sees fit, He allows it to continue to touch other people’s lives. I will keep telling it as long as i live.

And now – just 33 minutes late, I submit the last post for the last day of this month of blogging. I am glad I did it – and can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Peace out party people –

T-crest Out.

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