Catch up post – feb19

February 19th, 2008

Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior!!!

I am not talking about anything in particular. Just quoting a line from an awesome movie i watched last nite. If you haven’t seen it – you must. if you have seen it – then you know instantly what movie it is.

PHEW. Lots O pics to share with you today.

first – my thoughts on this. Breakfast cereal. LOOK at all that sugar. No wonder my kids bounce off the blog19cwalls! i HATE the scrungy-crumbs that stay in the bottom of the bag! NASTY! Just thought i’d share this for your viewing pleasure. I spent entirely too much time editing this photo for web viewing.

I wonder if enterprising young drug dealers of america could use this sugary consumption to deliver a sub-par product that looks and smells like the real thing…

blog19e Second up –

Our Valentine’s present from Ben. Try to not be too distracted by my open cabinet in the background. Honestly. Who does that?

The roses were beautiful – thanks B! (in case you can’t tell from the arrangement, there are a dozen large red roses in the back for me, and the girls each got their own vase of two fire-and-ice roses – very pretty!)

In all the hubbub of losing my blog, I forgot to blog about these!

And now for a few of the Baby Budget – who unfortunately becomes my de facto photographblog19dy model for all new things because, well, she is the one with the least weighted opinion on whether or not she GETS to participate! I cannot believe how very fast this little peanut is growing! I still remember when they put her in my arms after delivery thinking – oh my lord! She’s not fully grown! And then the months of trying to find something, ANYTHING, to fit her! She had  3 preemie outfits that fit her for the first month of life, plus two outfits from the girls’ Build-a-Bears. She still is pretty little in size, but man she is growin’ like a weed!

but you’re never too big to fit in a good large coffee cup.


“Excuse me miss, I believe I ordered the LARGE cappucino!”

blog19bAnd just cause I never turn any pics b/w – here’s a quick one. (Just for you Noelle!)

We have quite a few baby shoots scheduled over the next couple of weekends so – its prop central over here! Can’t wait to post some more cute ones over on our business blog .

which it looks like is unfortunately suffering from the same hack that got this blog, but is right now contained. JOSH! Need major help stat to fix that one when you get two free seconds.

And in our final piece of news from this past weekend…

Little missy lost her third tooth! Check out that gap on top! Surprised  she doesn’t whistle like the metra with every syllable that blog19fescapes her lips! It got knocked out by daddy’s jeans when she was trying to do a flip through his arms (don’t ask – its a dangerous and complicated exercise which Ben has perpetuated since her infancy). Anyways – the tooth went flying…under the fridge. JUST as she was about to enter full-on meltdown mode for fear that she would miss out on the all-important tooth fairy visit (plus the dollar)…Ben was able to rescue the tooth. Or at least a crumb of something that resembled a tooth…

My baby girl is so grown up. I cannot believe she will be 6 next week. Ok i’ll save that sappy post for next week.

More to come! i will answer the blog quiz tomorrow. But i might have more to say later on today. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Happy Rex Manning Day!

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