Out of Order, but catch up nonetheless

Don’t worry – it only APPEARS like I have blogged this weekend.


These are just catch up posts meant to archive the new old posts from before we restored the database.


etc etc.

new info to come tomorrow.

Check back soon!!!!

February 17th, 2008

Through all of the craziness of the last few days with my blog, i have realized how much my friends mean to me. I was so touched by all of you who offered to help, by those who found old posts for me, by those who just listened to me rant even though they had NO CLUE what i was talking about with sql databases and xmlprc files and config overwrites. I was moved almost to tears by the efforts of a few of you, but one person I promised a special mention to! She will have a link in the sidebar. She has been a pal and a confidante and a mentor and a shoulder to cry on for two and a half years now.  I am so lucky to count her as a good friend. Thanks Kdawg. you know i would be lost without you to have found so many of my memories again.

Thanks to Josh and Grace who got me back up and going again. Josh is an awesome webmaster and if you ever need website services, logos, concept design – definitely check him out. Grace also offers excellent customer service and a lot of web detail help. I happily give my recommendation to both of them!

thanks to Bryan (who does’nt have a blog that I can find so i can hyperlink him here), who searched relentlessly to find my web archives. So very appreciated. I may have to rethink a certain poopie strategy now. ;)

thanks to Ben, (who  also doesn’t have a blog)who although at first he didn’t understand why I was crying when my blog was broken, he did eventually get it, and let me just cry over my lost memories. And then told me to suck it up. No i am just kidding. He let me have a good hour to cry first.

and thanks to all of you who emailed your concern and stayed up with what the deal was.


what was the deal?

Blah blah blah technical mumbojumbo blah blah. My blog is selfhosted on the server I have my domain through (terratalking is my domain, hosted by bluehost.) Some hacker found a weakness in the version of wordpress that I was running, and was able to insert code into my files that would make the gibberish show up as you found out on thursday. it was a spamming code. So every time you would click on my site, thousands of spam emails were being generated and sent. Hopefully not to any of you. But there you have it. That’s what was wrong. In order to fully delete the bug, we had to rip out the old files. That’s why everything is so bare right now. Hopefully by wednesday I will be able to have my old database restored and archived here.

and that’s what the deal was. I hope it never happens again. It was gut-wrenching to think that I had lost all those memories, the very journal of my existence over the past year. It really makes you rethink what is important to you though, and really DSC_0030think about how you are storing YOUR memories, whether its in pictures in boxes somewhere in a closet in your home, or scrapbook pages you store on the computer, or words written in a journal or on a blog. You learn from looking back at where you have been, and get a clearer picture of where you are trying to go.

And i think that’s about all I have to say about that.

peace out.


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Happy Heart Day Bishes!!!

February 16th, 2008

I love Valentine’s Day. it makes me happy. i love the colors. the tastes. the happiness of everyone sharing love.

{do not get me started on the cut elittle webshots i had here that effing livewriter will not let me post with. the end.}

And really. Is it TOO MUCH to ask that the fricking Mars Bar company make the effing pink kit kats ALL YEAR LONG??? And in a shocking move, they chose to not make them at all this year. not that I can find. And believe me, i have searched EVERYWHERE. Those little suckers are addictive. Good thing I stocked up last year and have a bag left over to tide me through this year.

Evil i tell you – EVVVVILLLLLLL….

(As a side note, the amount of people who have also blogged about cherry kit kats is astounding. I think, if presidential candidates REALLY want us to vote for them , they might consider spending billions of dollars on cherry kit kats and just randomly tossing them out of helicopters emblazoned with the message " Vote for ____". It would definitely work for me.)

so anyways – on this gorgeous day of love for all and world peace, I am deep in the throes of valentine printing. I decided a LONG time ago that those cheezy store boughtoverpricedcartoonybranded pieces of cardstock were NOT good enough for my children. so I make them their own every year. Here’s this years:

Kealey’s – a bag topper. To go on top of little baggies full of all kinds of sugar-highs waiting to happen – bubble gum, kissables, conversation hearts and laffy taffy.

Crap. i think Photoshop closed on me when i was doing karissa’s. Gotta go redo that one real quick.

I am just gonna have to show you the finished product in a little bit cause now I am printin’ like a madwoman. I love my printer – i really do. its the 72 little separate ink tanks that I hate. They ALL choose random times to run out. So i am replacing at least one cartridge every week. Last Valentine’s day, I ran out of magenta, pink, red and black. The nite I was printing everything. BEFORE i started printing them. I think that machine is alive and it knows the exact colors I am needing, and decides to suck those dry.

But I digress.

i really have nothing funny to say today. So. let’s do this – oh this will be fun!


Let’s play – How Well Do You Know Terra?

There are so many random people who read this blog – new friends, old friends, friends who are just old, high school friends, college friends, internet friends, family and complete strangers. So – just take a stab at the answers if you fall into the stranger danger category.

SERIOUSLY. I will even give out a

real prize for this.$10 to  ITUNES.

Just like the picture. Except not $50. Only ten. Cause that’s what I have right now in paypal.

Maybe later when i am rich you will get more. But for now, you beggars can’t be choosers.

So. Here is the quiz. On some categories I will narrow it down for you. On others, there are maybe 3-5 acceptable answers, and any of them will count as right. And if you think Ben is a shoe – in to win – well, you might be surprised. This is all about the details. the randomness. And having a good memory.

1.) How many bones have I broken in my life (and re-broken)?

– earn a bonus point if you know HOW I broke each of them!

2.)When I was 27 I had lived in how many houses?

3.) Name all 5 states I have lived in.

4.)Name any of the 5 majors i attempted to complete in college. Bonus points for remembering what my REAL goal in college was to become.

5.)my favorite movie. Now this is an extremely open ended question I realize. I have a lot of favorites. You can’t go wrong. But if you hit the nail on the head, you will get extra points. Even more points if you are able to drop a quote from that movie.

6.) along the same lines. My favorite song. There really is one song that kind of sums up my life philosophy. It’s not Christian. any more clues than that and i will give it away. If you know me AT ALL, you should have at least a good stab at this song.

7.) I win tickets to my dream concert. Its all my favorite bands/people. Who is there? I’ll make this one multiple choice since there are a grip of correct answers.

   a. Justin Timberlake, The indigo girls, Green Day

   b.) Boston (back before lead singer dude died), Violent Femmes, Marc Cohn

   c.) Green Day, Dropkick Murphys, and Michael Flatley

   d.) Billie Joe acoustic, JT on the piano, Indigo girls unplugged

8.) What kind of STarbucks am I? (what do I always order)

9.) My favorite meal ever. If i was on death row, this would be my last meal request so I could die happy.

10.) Where do I want a tattoo and what is it of?

I have oh so much more. But we’ll start with these.

You have to leave your answers in the comments. I expect all of you to play. SERIOUSLYYYYY.

ten ipod dolla.

i just went and blew a grip of ipod dolla myself. Sexy back the video, cannot BELIEVE i have lived without this – LoveStoned, Low, 1234, Bubbly and Piece of Me by mrs lifestyles of the rich and famous gone batshit crazy herself, ms. spears.

and there you go.

a happy valentines day indeedy.

more later. I got to run out and munch on some grubbage.



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And we’re back..

February 16th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about the whereabouts of terra talking!

We were hacked. I know, it makes no sense. I will explain everything in a post soon. Just testing to make sure we have all the elements in place here!

The wonderful witty satirical and sacreligious terra that you have all come to know and love will be back in action VERY SOON!

And then you can all take my Terra Quiz which I so lovingly prepared on Valentine’s day.

I know. Too much fun to handle on a saturday.

back in a flash!


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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Jason Rakowski