Being sick sucks.

The end.


just kidding. Of course i have to elaborate on my HORRIBLE illness, whine just a little to help myself feel better…

i have no idea what this crap is i am battling but man it feels like death warmed over. at least it is taking my mind off my usual pregnancy aches and pains cause all i can think about is the horrific burning in my chest and the lack of oxygen from being unable to breathe through either my nose or my mouth. I am sure it is dead sexy. have  i mentioned that i feel like crap??? crap on a stick even.

i am not sure why i am whining about this online except that i may someday want a record of this illness, and since my blog archives are my medical journal, my girls’ baby books, and in general my PDA for life, i’ll record it here. And you all get to read it just for grins and giggles.

seriously –  i hope everyone is having a great weekend – much better than mine.

I went to see the movie “W.” last nite with CLC – it was good to have an adult conversation for the first time in a week or so! It was at the very least a thought-provoking movie. I was worried that it would change my unswerving love for the man (please read this with a heavy dose of “terra-ism” inserted), but it was actually presented very well. Not completely without a little bias, but overall I felt that Oliver Stone did as good of a job presenting the “flip side of the coin” story, much as he did with JFK back a few years. I didn’t read any reviews prior to going to the movie, and i am not sure i want to read any now necessarily. I’ll just take the movie at face value for what it provoked ME to think about and go try to dig out my voter registration card.

How is this for a random post?!?!?


Happy saturday – hopefully i am back tomorrow or monday with more of my usual charm and wit!


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