Cautiously Optimistic

That health is slowly returning to my body. this was one of the things i was most fearful of when i knew i would be delivering in november. the start of bronchitis season. how can I push a baby out when i can barely fill my own lungs with oxygen?

but of course, I know that somehow i will. Or that God will see fit to bless me with good health for the weeks before and after delivery.  you just gotta have faith. But anyways – after my crazy nap on Saturday and some, um, let’s call it old fashioned medicine therapy, I am feeling much better. I only hack up a lung when i get laughing too hard. And since i am clearly typing this at a not normal hour for me to be up, i have SOME energy returning also. So i will try to not post any more depressing posts about being sick.

Tonite i just want to express to you how very darling my children are. Kaylen is coming down with a cold or something and wore her little hooded sweatshirt around all day – WITH the hood up. She looked like a little pink snowman or something, it was precious, but she INSISTED that that hood stay up. She is getting so independent! which I guess is kind of a good thing given the massive life change she is about to go through! i feel just the tiniest bit sorry for her, like her babyhood is going to be cut too short. I just know that 30 years from now we will be in therapy for this because I will have overcompensated somehow and will still be treating her like “THE BABY” when she is 18. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another…

Karissa tells me totally deadpan the other day while we were watching TV – “mom, I need that stuff. (A commercial for pro-activ was on). I have SO MUCH dry skin all the time! And you need it too! you have red bumps on your face like dat boy!” Ahhh, out of the mouth of babes. If THAT doesn’t make you feel good about yourself I don’t know what does!!! and her obsession with dry skin is just as random as her obsession with lake drawing. “Is this dry skin? do I have dry skin right here? why is my skin dry?” Ok we do’nt even have the heat on that high! And her skin is NOT DRY! Sometimes i wonder where exactly in the chromosomal mapping my children developed their weirdnesses…was it that extra large coke from mcD’s that did it? the frosty and fries that were my sustenance for weeks on end? too much sakura steak???

Kealey is just becoming this little girl right before my eyes. She’s tall all of a sudden, and so excited to lose her SEVENTH tooth. i get reminded of this fact at least 7 times a day. Clearly the dollar from the tooth fairy is playing into her ultimate plans of getting a horse webkinz before Christmas time. She is going to get that tooth out come hell or high water. EVen if she has to eat ACTUAL vegetables and fruit to do it. (She begged for an apple AND carrots in her lunch today, and ACTUALLY CONSUMED THEM BOTH. I am both shocked and pleased.) I wish I had some more edited pictures to post with this one tonite, but I don’t. I am pictured out!

ALMOST at the end of our busy fall season. One more shoot on Friday morning. Then i can relax and rest! And start taking pictures of my OWN newborn soon hopefully.

oh my gosh that sounds so WEIRD.

i’ll have ANOTHER newborn. I feel like we are just barely out of this stage!

alright. I am going to hit the hay before this nasty sickness comes back to haunt me.

peace and love.


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  1. I wonder if anyone has a prepayment plan for therapy? You know, like the college plan where you can pay your kid’s tuition now and lock in the rate?

    Might be worth looking into.

    (Sorry. It’s early and I’m a little punchy…)

  2. Just randomness, because that is how I feel today, but if for some reason the ultrasound was wrong, and it is a boy how about Kenjamin?

    Just a thought.

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