Back in the Saddle Again

Definitely feeling back in the land of the living again. It is a very odd physical sensation though to be actually REALIZING that I am doing too much for my body’s current state. It sucks getting old I tell ya. But, you do what you have to I guess.

Today I went to work in Kealey’s classroom. God bless that poor teacher. She has military-like demands on the kids. I mean they stand IN LINE facing forward waiting for the entire class to get done with the bathroom. Then they take two steps over so they are directly in front of the doorway then forward march! She rocks. I cannot even imagine dealing with 30 kids on a daily basis like that, ranging from the completely illiterate to the almost self-sufficient, as most first grade classes do I am sure. It was good to be a part of the class and to see where Kealey is at, but that hour on my feet dealing with questions – WOO! enough to wear me out!

So here’s what else is on my scatterbrained mind tonite.

 WHY are there fireworks going off on a random wednesday nite? Is this some new october 1st tradition I am missing the boat on? Its irksome. Whoever it is needs to lay off already.

I need to come up with “Plan B for Baby Cuatro’s arrival”. Plan A involves me getting to the hospital in a state of calm handleable pain with my bags neatly packed, husband at side, children all blissfully sent off in a loving manner with grandparents who have managed to have enough time and openings in their busy schedules to be here. This of course assumes that baby will come on a perfectly clear warm sunny day in November that Ben happens to be home. Baby is born an hour after arriving at the hospital and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 8 hours. I love Plan A.

It is highly unlikely to happen. So I need to work on Plan B. Actually probably plans B-N. Just because. This is ME we’re talking about here. 

And i cannot thank all of you enough who have volunteered or COMMANDED to be put on the Plan B-N list. You have no idea how much I appreciate knowing that there is SOMETHING I can do if, God forbid, this baby decides to come in the middle of a snowy nite and I am on the bathroom floor surrounded by emergency personnel from the fire station down the street tying off the baby’s umbilical cord with a shoestring. (Do not ask me why this is the recurrent theme to my nightmares). I am not even sure we have an extra shoestring laying around. I would have to crawl into the closet and yank one out of ben’s shoes. Maybe I should go shoestring shopping….

Anyhoo, I digress.

(Is it possible to digress from random thoughts???)

What else…

oh i don’t know. i feel too ADD tonite to be coherent. I can’t post pictures from this writer anyways. So…

i’ll be back later when i have something important to say.

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