What becomes of the…

former high school rockers – the ones with big dreams to be the next Bon Jovi and make it out of Bolingbrook, out of the Midwest and onto FAME and FORTUNE as a REAL ROCK STAR?!?!?!?!

I’ll tell you.

They end up playing muzak guitar specials to the lunchtime crowd in a “specialty sandwich shop” near the “new mall” on the East Side of town. (I don’t want to show up on a google search for this one.)

anyhow – I am at lunch with a friend today, and there is a nice gentleman dressed in business attire (maybe this was just part of his stage presence, or maybe he really left work on his lunch hour to recapture his dreams, i am not sure) playing guitar songs in the corner. now this made for some nice ambience, i am not gonna lie.

but you’d be sort of humming along with the tune and go – is he really playing “Good Riddance”??? And then the next song would be an ode to Jimmy Buffett or perhaps Fleetwood Mac. Then back to some Sheryl Crowe. It was hard to keep up with what genre we were in. But it was seriously like elevator guitar music.

anyways. I am glad for him that he has found a way to hold on to his dreams. i hope he does make it out of bolingbrook.

Other random thoughts for the day.

an interesting post i found on craigslist last nite:

Sleep soundly with the SONY Dream Machine hidden camera. A fully functional FM/AM radio alarm clock with large green LED display. Includes a single alarm, easy-to-see alarm indicator, sleep button and alarm volume control. Full power back-up in case of electricity loss. Normally retails for $291.00
Image Sensor: 1/3″ Sony CCD (B/W)
Resolution: 400 Lines(B/W)
Min. Illumination: .05 Lux (B/W)
Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle
Power Required: 12 V DC/110V AC
Free Shipping via UPS Ground. Item will ship within one business day of payment. Major credit cards and Paypal accepted. For more information go to XXXXX
Call               xxx        or email xxxxxxx if you have any questions.

Um yes mr. crazy craigslist poster, actually i DO have a question.

and maybe I’m just an idiot here – but WHY would i need a HIDDEN CAMERA in my alarm clock?!?!?!

I am thinking the answer to this question goes back to the basic mentality of your average craigslist user – but I just cannot imagine the function such a camera would serve. And at 400 lines of resolution – I mean, you’re gettin’ some PRET-ty high images there. in b/w no less. I cannot imagine the floodlights one would have to have on in their room in order to capture any sort of usable image from the resolution of this “secret spy camera”. Do people think they can actually catch their spouses having affairs or something? Are these becoming a popular trend in hotels all of a sudden? WHY do these questions grip me so?!?!?!

anyways – just in case you’re looking for early christmas presents – there you have it.


what else…

oh there was another funny post involving glossy photos taken on a neon canvas backdrop (for my Tacoma readers, think B&I Photo’s), and then made into a “water and alcohol proof ceramic tile sure to be treasured for years to come in your china cabinet”. You also got to pick your choice of Barbie stickers and die cuts to decorate these keepsakes with. but I am afraid that if I posted about it i would probably be struck with lightning and Lord knows I risk that enough in any given day to not bring it upon myself more often than necessary. If you’re bored and cruising craigslist though, look in the photo+video forum back a few days. you’ll find it. you’ll see what I mean. And when you pick yourself back up off the floor from laughter – thank me. We all need to laugh that hard at least once a day.

Oh and on a last note – I think my cat may have Asperger’s. He craves social attention and yet has no wherewithal to be able to handle it. I am not sure if there is therapy for this sort of thing in animals. But now that i have figured it out, I can learn how to love him better.

I need some more cinnamon rolls that I woke up early to slave over this morning.

I have ever so much more to say. But maybe i’ll save some for later while i am watching SURVIVORRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! God bless prime time thursday nite tv.



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  1. dude – i’ll walk you through it.
    go to craigslist.
    select your city.
    look under FOR SALE.
    Right hand column, second from the bottom.

    not a forum. the posting part.
    stay away from the forums.

  2. It’s so good to “see” the “old” Terra back–meaning you must be back to you’re witty self because I laughed out loud at 2 parts of this post! Madison asked me what was so funny, and I told her she wouldn’t get. Then she told me grown-ups were weird.
    Faith 🙂

  3. Talk about cryptic… was it the dark room sink? And who played in Bolingbrook? Was it The Vines? I need to call up Steve Burns and Donovan Patton to help me out!?!

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