Attitude Check

(this is a duplicate post of my facebook note – so if you’ve read one, ignore the other! A more detailed blog post complete with pictures will be on its way shortly)

Alright HCS volleyball girls – say it loud with me!
Attitude Check –

Praise the Lord!

For those who have no idea what “attitude check” really means – 
it means no MATTER WHAT is going on, where is your heart, what is your attitude? Our coach used to yell this at us during grueling practices, tough games, and of course, the good times too. At 17 years old, it clearly meant something different to me than it does now, after a few years of hard knocks and life get thrown at you…but the concept is still the same. When the going is tough, do you get mad and complain and grumble? Or do you find SOME WAY, any way, to still say Praise the Lord in the midst of your circumstances.

So I woke up yesterday with those words on my mind – attitude check.

And boy did God respond…
Kendall was moved down a nursery to more of an “intermediate” care level. She is still in NICU, but not with the clinging on for dear life babies. She is in a regular bassinet, and as of yesterday afternoon is off of all respiratory support. She is breathing with her own lungs, her own pressure, and her own oxygen. Her IV came out last nite as she doesn’t need any more medicine to help her breathe, and no more extra fluid to keep all systems stable.
NOW – to just get this child to EAT! 
Her problem now? truly – she’s too lazy to wake up and eat on her own! She actually PREFERS to have her meals dumped through an “NG” tube in her nose! Can this REALLY be my child we are talking about here?
So that’s where we are today – praying that she just sort of GETS IT and starts swallowing from that bottle and proves to the doctors that she CAN eat on her own, we just have to make her WANT to! She has to WANT to come home with us – so we pray over her and talk to her and try to convince her that it really won’t be THAT crazy at home, we’ll try to protect her from Kaylen and the kitties and not forget her in her carseat …and she smiles this sort of newborn grin and I can tell – this is going to be one troublemaker of a little girl…

So I have hope and peace and joy today that my baby will soon be home with us. That this week will be but a blip on the big screen of life and the chaos of my life with 4 baby girls will soon begin in a way i will be completely unprepared for!
Thank you so much for the prayers, and the thoughts and the meals and the help with the girls – even if i have not had time/energy to respond back – i read every single comment from every single one of you and it renews my spirit to know we are not traveling this road alone.
Thank you for sharing our burden.

So when I yell attitude check – you all yell Praise the Lord – ok?


Praise the Lord…

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