Ok i finally got some pictures ready to post!

I’ll fill in the blanks with all the blah blah blah later – but for now, here’s a few little snippets of life with kendall…


Here she is at 3 days old, still on all her machines in the NICU. They were actually changing all her tubing at this point so she is breathing into the oxygen mask. She always responds to Ben so he is just keeping her calm here.


Wearing big girl clothes for the first time! This was the first day we were able to see her “awake” and it was so good to see! The thing on her head is her CPAP mask that forced air/oxygen/pressure into her lungs to ensure that she was getting enough capacity to get oxygen to all her blood. The leads coming through the snaps are all the monitors for blood pressure, O2 saturation, and respiratory rate. I always manage to dislodge at least one of these when i am holding her. its my special gift.


These are the numbers we sit and watch for hours on end when we visit our girl. The top number is her heartrate, which has always been pretty good. The second number is her respiratory rate – which is what landed her in the NICU to begin with. It was up around 100 when she was born, and clearly at this time of the picture, was doing much better! Target Resp. rate for newborns is between 30-60. And then the bottom number, her o2 saturation. This tells us how GOOD she is breathing, or how well her blood is getting oxygen. We always want that number as close to 100 as possible. She likes to drop it into the 80’s just to hear her alarms go off i think. But she has been doing MUCH better lately!


and then one last shot of Baby Kendall with no CPAP machine on! Her whole face is puffy from the pressure of the machine and that tape is what holds her feeding tube in place, its meant to actually protect her skin.

So – they’re a few days old -but there’s a small glimpse of the newest addition to our family!

Hopefully we have plenty more of her AT HOME in the next few days! Keep praying – we’re SO CLOSE to having her home – she just needs to keep EATING!

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  1. Hello, Atkinson Family! She is adorable and most assuredly an Atkinson! I can’t wait to see her. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!
    Faith 🙂

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