Mother’s Day. This is my FIFTH one as a mom. Wow that blows my mind!!! i still feel like i am adjusting to the fact that now the cards are for ME, the lunch plans are for ME, its MY day. I still miss my mommy on this day, sure, which is why we begged her to come down for lunch, but its just- an adjustment. That now i am as much the mommy on mother’s day as she is. Such a huge role to fill. I wonder sometimes if I do a good job of it. I am sure I fall extremely short most of the time. But i have two beautiful little girls who will always forgive me, even if i do mess it up occasionally. I am so thankful to God for this chance to be called mommy. and to have such a great husband who makes sure that this day IS celebrated by all of us.

I woke up to my most favorite breakfast – well, of this pregnancy at least. A Large McDonald’s Coke and a Cinnamon Melt. roses on the table and a special plant of unknown origin in a beautiful painted pot from Kealey. And the only thing I really wanted – a card from my husband with real words written in it. It was perfect.

Now we are just relaxing before heading to our lunch with the family. I am excited for my sister- she will be a mommy soon. I bet sometime within the next three weeks we welcome Baby Aiden into the family. The firstborn Grandson on this side – oh what a little prince he will be!

Wow i am rambling today. Disjointed thoughts. I am excited to try this new restaurant – Domo 77. Its supposed to be like Sakura, THE BEST JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE outside of japan. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. They are pretty high during pregnancy i must say. Had a plate of sushi last nite that SEEMED like a good idea at the time, ended up coming out rather quickly – NOT such a great idea in reality I guess.

The puppies are doing well. They started “training” with Ben last nite. Wallace thus far is doing pretty good, Quincy is typically female and just wants to continue doing things her own way. I am hopeful that by the end of the summer they are well on their way to being trained fully!

I am too ADD at the moment to sit and concentrate. I need serious help setting back up my preferences and my friends’ blog lists blah blah blah. gotta pretty this thing up a little bit.

Have a TON i want to do – now to just find the time and discipline to stick to that list.

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