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 Seriously – if you were a child of the ’80’s you MUST check out the Tshirt linked on my bro’s blog. I was ROLLING with laughter. This spawned an entire IM conversation of JUST Karate Kid quotes that went on for a while and ended with me snissing. Wow – good times, good times.

I am hoping I have the picture thing figured out on here cause I took some pretty cute pics of my VERY pregnant sissy that I wanted to share…so here goes.

ok i swear to you these are sized for web….apparently its a large web!




the rest will be just links to view them – which hopefully works. otherwise i will be getting snarky comments from my know it all little brother about how to fix my web res.

today is friday – we have a lot to do this afternoon, but its been a kinda slow boring morning. I got about four hours of sleep last nite and i am DEAD tired. I am thirsty for some indefinable substance – wishing i could figure it out cause i really realy want to drink a lot of whatever it is. And no, its not water. trust me, that would make me puke right now. Oddly enough its not even coke…i am thinking its sweet tea but i hate having to prepare that myself. WHY can’t we just live by a Sonic?!?!?!!? for the love of pete…

oh yuck. the family size tube O cookie dough i bought yesterday tastes HORRIFIC raw. that’s the whole reason i buy it. to eat it raw. CRAPTAPULAR. guess i am now going to have to actually bake cookies with it and hope THEY do’nt taste like caca.

I can’t remember when my last midwife appointment was. I should probably look into making another one here right quick. Not like they do much at these in between appointments anyways. You get two minutes to have cold jelly slathered all over you, hear the heartbeat for like three seconds, ask any annoying questions you may have, and then you’re done. Can you tell i just LOVE dr/midwife appointments? SUCH a good use of my time and energy.

Two baby funnies real quick before i wrap this post up:

Kealey, watching an SUV commercial the other day – ” MOM!!!! Come quick! look at this car that goes through MUD ANNNNND WATER!!!! It’s a real car!!!”

apparently our Yukon Denali is NOT capable of those things. And woudl be the be all end all of excitement if it were. Hmph. Guess I’ll have to show her that i DO NOT drive a soccermommobile. mud and water….

who woulda thought?

Karissa – asking me to help her flip the straw up on her cup – “Mommy you open peeze.” No sis, you can do it, you just push this little thing like this! (the straw pops up) ” OHHHH!!!! Good job mommy!!!!” – like i had just figured out the key to world peace….

 the things that amaze kids are always cracking me up.

I love those two munchkins. Even if they do drive me batty most days.

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