Take Two

So here we are – a blank slate. I’d like to start off my brand new post with an ode to a great family show from the 90’s.

 ‘Show me that smile again – don’t waste another minute on your crying!

We’re nowhere near the end…beautifulgirls.jpg

the best is ready to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 As long as we got each other – we got the world spinnin’ right in our hands

baby rain or shine.

ALL the time!

We got each other,

sharin’ the laughter and love………”

{cut to alan thicke hamming it up for the camera by himself}

Ok just had to get that out of my system.

The old blog is archived. For long and varied reasons I don’t need to rehash here – its just a fresh start!

Random thoughts today:

*boomerang channel plays WAYYYYYY too many “andre3000” songs in between old cartoons. They annoy me.

*the girls are totally currently into “sonic sunrises”. This is a concoction i became addicted to in Florida when we would go to Sonic every day. If you are lucky enough to actually LIVE by a sonic- i hope to the good lord above that you GO THERE EVERY DAY and take advantage of that greatness! I would KILL for a huge breakfast burrito right now, with a sonic sunrise. Anyhoo i digress. The sonic sunrise is now available (to a much lesser quality) to all of us who have a Dominick’s nearby, as they have begun selling Minute Maid “Cherry Limeade”. Simply mix half a glass of OJ (with your preferred pulp level) with half a glass of cherry limeade and voila – Sonic Sunrise. Sheer happiness. It makes your tongue do dances. I have no idea what the sugar content of this drink is, but i am guessing its somewhere near diabetic shock level based on the fact that my children literally cling to the walls after drinking this. Oh well. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy life a little right?

*The newsletter this month is going to be HUGE! I am so excited for this fun supersized issue! We are having technical difficulties right now, but hopefully the rough draft is done SOON and we can get it out on time!!! But – it IS going to be fun. I will try to link here when its done this time!

Ok i am going to wrap this one up. Gotta get dinner cookin. I mean ordered. called in to the garden where they grow olives.

Have a beautiful day!

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