Why I might Homeschool.

Because school’s lose kids.

I’d love to say that what happened today was an isolated incident, but sadly, it is not.

This is the SECOND time our school has lost Karissa. And granted, she’s a bit of a cloud-gatherer. And today started out as MY problem – I totally own that. But the RESPONSE to it is what is making me so upset!

This is too long to type out on FB so I am putting it here – for everyone who wonders!

So at our school of just a shade under 1000 kids, you tell the teachers at the beginning of the year what method your child will be going home. They don’t care how you get ‘em there, just make sure we know where they are going afterwards – Car, Bus, or Walker. You can change it anytime, but you have to send a note. So every Tuesday and Wednesday for the past, oh, 13 weeks, I have sent a note to their teachers explaining that they were car riders on tuesday and wednesday – LIKE USUAL!!!! Today I forgot. Kealey was throwing a fit, we are off schedule cause of not having school yesterday, and I have a headache the size of Montana brewing behind my eyeballs.

I FORGOT  – ok?!?!?!?! I’m a horrible mother!

There – that part out of the way, I proceed to school to get in line where I collect one of the four children I need to gather. I have no idea how the others missed me when they were being paraded through the cars (as the car pick up procedure entails) – but they did. so when they come down the rows to get the thumbs up that you have all your kids, I said “no – I am missing three”. To which the oh so helpful teacher replies “ well that’s too bad – you’re too late and you’ll have to get back in the go-around-the-building line to pull up in front to get them”.

which is not true- she had a handy dandy little walkie talkie right there on her fanny pack that she COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE called UP to one of the front walkway teachers and checked that all three of my kids were THERE. But she didn’t.

So I flip a bi*ch make a U-turn in the parking lot, get in the stupid go around the building line, and pull up where only TWO of my children are waiting. I again flag down an unhelpful teacher to let her know that i am missing a child and I ask her to call the bus driver. I am even helpful enough to give her the CORRECT BUS NUMBER. She mumbles something into her walkie talkie and then walks away to help other kids get in their cars. So ten minutes later, I still don’t have karissa and one of the teachers comes to my car and says – “sorry, they dismissed the busses”.

Here’s me: “ do you know for sure that my child was ON her bus?”

Her: “ They dismissed them already”.


Her: “ Sorry, they let them go already.” {exit stage left at a very fast pace}.

Me: {tires squeal as I peel out of the parking lot to go find my child on my own}

Fast forward to me flying down the street after what i HOPE is our bus, driving on the opposite side of the street and honking at the bus driver to stop.

Sure enough, she had karissa on her bus but was not allowed to let her off at an unapproved stop. I explained to her what had happened and she turned around to see karissa SOBBING – so she let me have her.

Oh my lord I cannot even TELL YOU how quickly mama bear came out.


that’s the story.

And truly – i am not mad that she got put on the bus. That WAS my fault. what I am so ticked about is the lackadaisical attitude that the teachers had about ENSURING that they did indeed know where my 6 year old was. The system is SUPPOSED to be that the busses are not released until all the cars waiting to pick up kids have the right kids in them. The system failed today, and I have a sobtastic Karissa because of it.

At least everyone is mostly happy and fine now. which is good cause kendall is pulling kendallisms and we’re off to the next happy adventure here at our house!

Caramel Apple Spice – take me awayyyyyyyy!!!!!!




*disclaimer – I will NEVER homeschool. I am not organized enough to do so. Plus my children would learn ABSOLUTELY nothing. But they WOULD hopefully get into the appropriate car when it was time to go somewhere. Hats off to all my homeschooling momma friends though! 😉

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  1. so..um you are better then me..I would not have gone around..I would have said…call them and tell them to send my kids here..BUT after that..I would have kicked someones ass and all hell would have broke loose..you tellme where my child is right now!!!!but that is crazy me..:D

    Glad all is ok though!

  2. Wow! Yes, you made a mistake, but it certainly sounds like their system failed too! I can only imagine the fear you felt!! I had a similar problem last week. The twins are in separate after-school programs. Christian’s Mad Science teacher dismisses the kids right out the front door, since their room is right there. Kira’s is on the other side of the school in the lunchroom. We got out about 5-10 minutes later than Christian and he was nowhere to be found! After a few seconds, I find that he’d been standing out side the school for all that time. So the teacher guy never dismissed him to an adult! I did explain it nicely when I saw him the following week.

    Anyway, sorry for my own rambling post! LOL! But I’m glad that everything worked out well!!

  3. I will admit when I opened my dashboard screen on my blog and saw your post title about homeschool I thought, man she’s crazy…er brave.

    and then I read on and said oh wow! Sorry to say it, but I know exactly how you feel. Had the same thing happen to me. and I can one up ya, my middle child (who I refer to as the diva) used to ride the bus to the youth center where I worked. One day she brought with her on the bus her best friend from her class. I remember thinking “hmmmm I wonder when Hannah started coming here, I have never seen her before” but I went back to work. Oh…about an hour later diva’s school calls frantically, Hannah’s parents had been there to pick her up and they had absolutely.no. idea where she was. Finally some random teacher said she thought she saw diva and Hannah talking together and that diva goes to The Boys and Girls Club and that I work there. long story short, Hannah never got to come over for a playdate again after that. It is scary and I am sure many parents have those slipped through the cracks stories…

    oh and by the way, I would have a heart to heart with the principal tommorrow, that kind of attitiude ESPECIALLY from a teacher to me is unforgiveable!!! Hope your Caramel Apple Spice helps and that tommorrow you have a better day 🙂

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