I keep getting distracted.

I know. Don’t be alarmed. It’s SO UNLIKE ME!


I didn’t really have a point for tonite’s post, so every little thing I click on (between Facebook, Twitter, the interwebs, fun new blogs, etc.) makes me think of something better I should write. But it’s still going to probably end up like the usual mashup of random shizzica. A little medical mumbo jumbo, a little whining, and not a whole lot of sense. in fact, you’ll probably leave this post having LOST a few brain cells from trying to keep up with the randomnicity. Consider yourselves warned.

so – first up – maybe Part 2 of The New Office. And I am hurt that more of you didn’t comment on ALL THAT HARD WORK!!! I mean the fishtank moving ALONE was a feat of superhuman strength. good thing I have my new wonderwoman cuff of strength to help me out. But here’s some more shots anyways….I think…these are all coming from my phone so who knows what we may actually get here when i c&p??? Always a surprise!

Ok nevermind. They were all Halloween pics. So, ok, here we go. Halloween instead.

Now I know that you were all SOOOOOOOO impressed with my amazing skillz on last year’s matchy matchy super frou-frou too cute for words costumes. {i’m paraphrasing here.}




Alas. My creativity appears to have been pried from my dead lifeless hands. Because we ended up with a jumbled heap of “costumes” so diverse it was like something from one of those dreams you have RIGHT before you wake up and you remember parts of it and it makes absolutely NO sense and involves you singing the smurf theme song while fighting with the TMNT about which monchichi was better and then Mr. Miyogi from Karate Kid is making you breakfast while wearing a shower curtain costume. (or am I the only one that has dreams like that???)

(Wait, dont answer that.)


So here’s what we had this year. (And apparently it was so awful that I couldn’t even take pics of all of them? hoping my sister got a few – hint hint, zesty!)

We had a cyndi lauper styled 80’s girl, a Hannah Montana, a beautiful bride/hippie, and Minnie Mouse. I know, don’t say it. But hey, they were all free/freecycled, so  – I guess I can’t complain about the lack of fluidity and theme tying all of them together. Plus i was not up till 4 am the nite before hot-gluing my fingers together rhinestones onto bakers caps.

IMG_1611 THE SCARY HOUSE. There are family members up on the porch actually trick or treating. It’s just hard to see past all the random skeleton paraphernalia clogging up the yard.


Oh and I forgot – Ben was one of the motorcycle guys from Bolt at the beginning of the movie. He’s so gosh darn creative! Plus he was the only one of us smart enough to be WARM during the trick or treating.


And this one – I just love.

Little miss do it myself. in spite of the fact that on this day she could hardly get her right foot to cooperate with the rest of her leg, and was tripping like every two steps – she was SO determined to walk up to the door and hold her little hand out and receive whatever treat they gave her and come and put it back in the bag on her stroller. She was enthralled with this concept and kept looking at me like – “mom – you have been holding out on me! If you walk up to people’s doors they GIVE. YOU. CANDY. I am not even kidding.”

Oh she was so exhausted after this. And oh so cold. And then she got her fingers shut in the door. But she got to go trick or treating. She lasted around the whole block. She will probably even get to actually enjoy some of her candy (even though I dread what some of that will do to clog up her tubey nice and good!).

And i hope this is just one of many many years of memories like this ahead.

She will be TWO in two weeks. Two Years Old.

Annnnnndddd I am definitely not in a mindset to be able to process THAT one tonite. Kleenex inducing post will be forthcoming.

I should go to bed now. I am making even less sense now than when I started.

But if you’re paying good attention – this is three days in a row that I have blogged! Yay me!



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  1. This post caught my attention just for your use of words such as randomnicity and frou-frou, already I was a fan. And I think we must have been on the same wave length because i was just complaining…er creatively writing a post on my lack of “whippeee” ness in this year’s costumes (although I have the cutest kids EVER and they could put on a paper sack and still look adoreable) anyhoo… I do have a list of todo’s for next year (cause let’s be honest this year I was just plum lazy) I think in the end it boils down to the fact that your babies need to know that you love em, and that my dear, is SO VERY EVIDENT from reading your Halloween recap 🙂 smiles and thumbs up!

  2. Shoot. I shoulda commented on the fish tank strength that impressed me so……now we don’t even get an update…but a huge tease.

    I love that you make up words.

    I believe I have read every.single.blog.post. Just so you know!