To one of the funniest dudes I know…

Happy Birthday bro! i hope it is a fun day for you, but you make pretty much any day lots of fun, just by being you.


Bound to make you at least smile. If you haven’t already seen it 8294 times like I have. This is just a taste of the wonderful, every-day crazy that is my middle little brother. The "Carlton". Dancing on the side of an obviously busy highway with little to no regard for his safety. Putting on a show to make people laugh cause that’s what he does best.

here’s a few more "Daniel-isms".

march13bloga Here he is trying to be some kind of freaky deaky dog whisperer to my two hellaciously crazy ADD dogs. it didn’t work. As you can tell from the picture, this is but a split-second pause in them jumping all over him.

But keep trying daniel. Someday you’ll get them to listen to you and "RElinquish! Relent! Repent! SUBMIT!!!" Then you can sell your system on an infomercial and be rich. You can add that million in with the million you find in spare change just walking around and you and linz will be set.march13blogb

DJ Fanny Pack in the hizz-ouse!!!

You guys and your "new band" rock. I wish you the

best of continued success with hits such as "Sweatsuit" and Uncle Joey rocks my socks:FULLHOUSE.

Love you man – hope its a very happy birthday. Go get some of that grubbin’ sakura, douse it in orange sauce, and throw one down for ya homies.



I cannot BELIEVE I forgot to blog about this next set of events.

So my friend Emily (who does blog, but its password protected so you wouldn’t be able to click on her anyways), has been hemming and hawing over getting her nose pierced for months, possibly even years, now. Meeting me was just I don’t know, the PINNACLE of her life thus far, and in an effort to attempt to emulate some of the coolness that exudes from yours truly, she decided to take the plunge. We were going to go do it one nite after a "girls’ nite out". (please don’t get too excited – it was a bunch of tired, worn-out moms who could barely even function past ordering appetizers…but we all NEEDED the break obviously. I’m just sayin’, they weren’t filming moms gone wild or anything there that nite.)

So anyways. Emily and i have everything set. Then our darling friend Brenna decides to come with, for moral support. (Because, you know. Women do things in packs. This is what makes us smarter. We do’nt have to make decisions on our own, we INSTANTLY get the input from 8-35 other friends and family that are always close by. This is handy both in body piercing, as well as bridal shopping and trips to the bathroom. I digress.) So anyways. Brenna knows her way around town MUCH better than myself, and she gets to our prospective piercing studio  a few minutes before us, and a few minutes before closing. (Why tattoo shops close at 9:00 pm on a weekend i will not understand. Is there some kind of "secret" place they all go hang out? Its not like a bunch of farmers lead double lives as tattoo/piercing artists so that whole bit about stuff closing early in the midwest cause of our agricultural way of life just….doesn’t match.)

So we send  Brenna in to ask our questions. brenna, brenna, darling brenna. She’s just an inherently GOOD person. And we threw her to the lion’s den of piercers and alternative body art preservers. She’s such a good sport. Anyways – the dude who pierced stuff there was gone for the nite. So off we trek to get some coffee. Driving back down the road, Emily spots a place that claims to be open. So I flip a bitch in the middle of some busy street, tires screeching, to find this supposedly open haven O’ piercing. Inside was a whole other world. I could have stayed there all nite, finding out people’s stories, observing the dynamics of a tattoo shop, talking to krys, our piercer, who had an odd obsession with patrick swayze. But, that’s already been discussed in another post.













I am glad Brenna came along because i REALLY was concerned that emily was going to pass out. Not from pain, but just the thought of that needle. But she was a trooper and it was over before she knew it.

And just cause I didn’t want to be left out of the fun, and couldn’t think of a cute way to get my OTHER nostril pierced, i got just a 90’s throwback cartilage piercing. Now my nose piercing was TRA-MAT-IC. He got the needle stuck and couldn’t get the stud to go through. A 45 second process took about 7 minutes. Stinging burning pain. So i was….prepared for my cartilage to sting a little.  Apparently I looked pretty surprised because brenna and emily both thought my face looked hilarious at the moment the needle went through.march13blogd

Excuse the crazy eyes. These were taken with my point and shoot and in a very dark little hideyhole of a studio. So yes, i spent entirely too much time playing with them in PS.

Anyways. this post is going to take 3 years to load so I better start it now.

I am running in a hundred different directions as usual today. so much on my mind and plate that I am not even sure what to attack first. Thought blogging might help organize my thoughts a little, but no, its just reminding me of all that has to be done.

Oh. one more thought to leave you with.



I’d be very interested to know the demographics of their voting pool. who is voting??? And what were some of the other entrants in this category? the Route 66 bus stop in Joliet? a run-down metra station on the BNSF line on a cold January’s nite? And another question. WHY would I need or want a daily tour…

maybe they mean THREE HOUR tour…

anyways. chew on that. get back to me with your thoughts.

Hope you all have a wicked Thursday!

t-to tha – erra

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  1. If I emulated your coolness then you only half emulated mine since my cartilage is done twice.

    Oh and I don’t pass out. I just get really heart racing, adrenaline pumping, going and then it doesn’t hurt a bit.

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