There’s a Party in my Tummy

Sing along if you know the tune — "So Yummy! So Yummy!"

I hate when stupid songs get stuck in my head.  Thank God that my kids are off the Yo Gabba Gabba trip. although I am not sure that Barbie Mariposa is any better of a substitute…But i digress.

(as if there is really ever anything to digress from here at terra talking…no, i can’t recall the last time I actually had a topic to stick to…I should look into that.)

Anyways – thought I’d give you all a little treat and actually post on a Saturday for once…cause I’m random like that. Let’s do a little catch up, shall we? It seems like this past week was pretty much pure and utter chaos. Ben was "home" in the sense that he was working at local terminals and would be physically here in the house to sleep every nite, but he was so busy with meetings and whatnot, that it almost threw our schedule off MORE so to have him here than if he was travelling. Every nite the girls would want to wait up to see him and say good-night to him, and every night it got a little later and a little later that he would be home. So they were all off kilter sleepwise, and kaylen is still doing this weird funky schedule shift that i cannot figure out, and i started working out pretty consistently again this week – so bottom line – I think we’re all WORN OUT. Very tired. I am pretty sure I didn’t sleep so much last nite, more like i entered a light comatose stage. and then my darling precious baby decided to wake up at 6 am. Lovely. i was able to get her back down for a quick nap at 8:30, so I headed right back to bed. Thank God for a husband who knows when to just let a sleeping mama lie.

And now we are back to peace and quiet again. Everyone is napping. Even the stupid dog, here at my feet. And I have consumed a pot of coffee. So I am wasting my energy blogging about my lack of energy. and the party in my tummy.

Also this past week, we did 4 shoots for 2Sisters, plus one more coming up tomorrow. We are really beefing up our portfolio right now, so these are "model" sessions, but I guess its a necessary evil to really build a good base for a strong business. I am grateful for the experience i have from Terra Consulting as to how to build a business model/plan, how to make smart choices that will position you well within a given market, conduct market research, etc. I do enjoy the challenging aspect of business building, of always trying to figure out what’s the next step, the next strategic move. But on some level, it tends to bog you down in details, when the REAL fun is taking those pictures, seeing the end result, hearing the excited exclaims of a mom seeing the gorgeous photo’s of her beautiful baby at her proofing session. so we’ll keep plugging away. Its a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. And i have every faith that our hard work now will pay off with a well-run, well-founded business in the long run. how long, i couldn’t say.

In other news…

Kealey FINALLY lost that top tooth. that thing was starting to bug us ALL. She wouldablog5 be non-stop complaining about it, how it would just be hanging there, hurting her, etc. etc. And trust me, we had tried EVERYTHING to get it out. Including a hefty dose of tylenol one nite and ben going in there when she was asleep to just yank on it. No dice. finally on the bus home yesterday – out it flew! Luckily she found it. Cause you know, no tooth = no fairy. No fairy= no dolla.

this is from monday, right before that other top tooth started getting loose. I just this afternoon got the "after" pic – i’ll have to do a side by side comparison later this week. I have thought what a strange little pocket of life I am in currently – with one daughter losing all her teeth, and another daughter trying so desperately to get them IN. Circle of life and all that happy jazz I guess. Speaking of the little devil..

here’s a shot of her. Just because I actually had one handy on ye olde hard drive. She really is such a funny baby.ablog1 Pretty happy throughout most days, as long as SHE is in charge of her destiny. boy is she getting SO mad at herself though for not being able to crawl or stand. She is really happiest when she is being held in a standing position, but she tries to go up on her toes. She is either practicing to be a ballerina, or a good Irish folk dancer. (who was it that I told I would put my Irish dance costume on and take a picture by the way…I can’t remember…) anyways, for those playing along who actually care about faux-tography, yes I realize these are processed differently. It was on purpose. I can’t play with client photo’s, so I have to practice on my own poor children’s photo’s.

Speaking of ballerina-ism.

Karissa started a ballet/tap/tumbling class this past week. She was IN HEAVEN. She has always been so musical, and truly has a natural grace and rhythm when she is dancing. I.E., when the music is slow, she is moving slower, and when its "dancy" music, she is groovin to a mean beat. And I don’t say this with mommy goggles on too bad, cause I will be the first to admit that Kealey follows more in my footsteps – as ungraceful and whitegirlcan’tdance as they come.  So anyways – Karissa in class. i have wanted to get her in class for a while now, but knew it would be counterproductive as I would have to be in there with her being her interpreter. She pretty much just read lips to understand people up until last February/march, and was still mostly unintelligible in conversation (according to the developmental charts we get from Early Intervention) until this past September. She finished up her formal speech therapy at Bonnie McBeth learning center just a few weeks ago, so she was officially released into the world of "regular learning". Watching her in that class though made my heart just about break. She was SO in her element, I couldn’t believe how long she has had to wait for it. I must get pictures next time I go.

ablog3on a related note, however, here are some shots of the legwarmers i made for Kealey the other day when I got on this weird crafty/handmaking kick and made the legwarmers and matching dresses for the girls for Florida. (pics of the dresses will come later. When i find my missing SD card). Karissa’s legwarmers are the actual Babylegs, and Kealey’s were my attempt at recreating that look. I can’t ablog6find the link to the instructions i followed at the moment, but basically its a pair of socks, the foot cut off, a few quick seams sewn in, and voila. Legwarmers. 

The stripey ones are karissa, the dotted ones are kealey. And to borrow a phrase from a friend…

"I have just wasted 30 seconds of your life telling you that. sorry. I owe you thirty seconds."


Why does it feel like Sunday already to me?

Probably because it has taken me close to 5 hours to compose this post.

have I mentioned that I need new contacts???


Ok. the Pizza is almost here. the party was fun last nite party-people. We have to do it again sometime soon!


peace, love, and flashdance –


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