To Hell With the Devil

Stryper anyone?

a friend and I were discussing the vastly different worship experiences at our churches yesterday and for some reason, i got this song stuck in my head. I could walk you through the steps of how I got there, but it would be a lot of boringness. so just trust me. it does have a logical sequence. Worship to Stryper. We do it all here folks.

Anyways – it was definitely a contemplative day yesterday. Thinking about my worship of God, and my anger. Do I have an anger problem? Probably. Of course its tough to admit that. But I think sometimes I do lash out in anger/frustration. And most of that is cause I do let things get all pent up. And then I explode. Its a long fuse but once it blows MAN – take cover. Which leads into another deep topic explored recently with a friend – buried issues. Too much to get into here, and mostly because its a lot of stuff I haven’t even allowed myself to explore/ponder, much less bare here for the world to read…but it all sums up in this – life is about growing. Its about your journey – where you’re going, where you’ve been, and what you’ve learned along the way. and I think in my journey, I’m about to head into a new town. So I’ve gotta figure out where i’ve been in order to know where i’m going. How’s that for some deep crypticity (i made that word up apparently) on a Monday afternoon?

On a lighter note…

Had a fun weekend! Nothing overtly exciting and I just realized that I never even left the house on Saturday, but still, it feels like I did a lot. and yesterday I smelled spring. You know how it has its own smell? I can’t fully describe the "spring is coming" smell. I can tell you how "spring is here" smells – like dirt and warmth. But "spring is coming" – different scent altogether. It instantly filled me with hope and energy. That i CAN survive this long winter. That vacation is coming RIGHT up around the corner (and man do i have a ton of stuff to do before it gets here…). That the circle of life continues, and re-birth is about to occur. DANG i am DEEP today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be impressed people! This never happens!

So I’ll throw in some funny stuff here cause, you know. i have to break the mood somehow.


Her first rollercoaster ride?


Don’t miss the guy in the background  (with the sling on . It’s the other arm that’s well… busy)


The question is, was Chris Farley ever a sperm donor?


Let’s just hope their wives don’t like to watch hockey on TV.


Something tells me he won’t grow up to become a vet.


So I can’t chew on myself, huh? Fine.




Some fun at work.


Sometimes the view from behind home plate isn’t so great after all.


His last day at work.



Come on Dad, let us bring the family cat.


Someone must really love his new step-mom.


I’m sure this went over well.


Now that’s classy.


After seeing this I bet you’ll never forget to wear sun-screen again. And BTW, is her top on her belly button?


After 5 years of heated debate, the Commission of Human

Rights approved the new International Symbol of Marriage.


I got this in an email forward. I have no idea where it came from, or else I’d give major props to the author. The Chris Farley one had me ROLLING. is that not the craziest thing you’ve ever seen? And the cat one – classic.

So I hope it made you laugh. I have a link to an equally funny blog post about old Olan Mills photos that I will share later this week.

Update on the coke cravings: – they are finally starting to lessen. Now, that’s not to say that if tomorrow were Lent-over-day (cause I still hvae no idea when that is), I wouldn’t go get a super duper big gulp and destroy it in 8.3 seconds flat. But, its not an all day craving anymore. Only in certain triggering situations.  So – is it finally leaving my system? Someone please shed light on this for me. I’d love to know.

Now to see if this insanely picture laden post will actually publish to the web….cross your fingers!


(seriously, is there a gayer font than lucida handwriting? maybe comic sans…or papyrus…)

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  1. lent is over on easter. don’t want you sufferin’ any longer than needed.

    and the chris farley pic may be my favorite too.


  2. Maybe you’ve seen these (Josh probly sent it, too)

    Sugar creates a cycle of craving, though due to insulin highs & lows, right? Seriously, perhaps a reliance on coke IS related to deeper issues…but I don’t think you’re weird for being so contemplative lately. You’re brilliant. I love your thoughts!
    p.s. Here’s something I just read about sugar cravings: “Thirst and a craving for sweet foods is one of the most reliable indicators of excess dietary salt.”