The Power of Words

Today i was paid what, to me, was a huge compliment. This kind-souled mom at gymnastics, who herself could not possibly have been more than 25 or 26 years of age, said that she was shocked that I had had so many kids so young. I said, “young?!?!?” She thought I was 24. I could have hugged her, folded her up and put her in my pocket to keep with me forever and ever. Now we all know that me = 24 is a HUGE stretch, but it still spoke volumes to me about how I felt like I stood a little taller just having someone think that in my sleep deprived, rush out the door with three kids hanging off me look, that I looked young. It just made my day. So if you feel the urge to give someone a compliment today, do it. You never know what it will mean to someone.

In other news, my darling sissy, affectionately referred to as “poopface” (I have no idea why, she’s truly one of the most beautiful people I know), has come up with the PERFECT b-day theme for Kaylen’s party. So now I just have to figure out how to have a July4th themed cupcake party. Everyone is hereby officially invited, but I know that with the 4th being a holiday and all, most people have family plans to attend to. But we usually have a big BBQ here at the ranch, sometimes even a big bounce house for the kids(adults I mean) to jump in. And then we all wander down to our neighborhood park for great seats to watch the Bolingbrook fireworks (and this year, the added airshow…)

Speaking of the ranch, I feel like the Pioneer Woman today. I have no cell phone. After one and a half years of abuse that can only be heaped by being the favorite toy of three children, and the possession of the klutziest woman on the planet, my dear hella-cool red Razr has gone to cell phone heaven. I am trying to be strong and not shed tears. I saved up for that phone, I cherished its purchase, I looked SO forward to owning it. And now he is gone. Rest in peace dear Razr.

How, you ask? His last painful moments were spent gurgling under a pool of Sunny D, accidentally poured out into the handy dandy little well in the stroller. Submerged. I am sure that some phones can recover from perhaps a quick bout with WATER. But there is something uniquely circuit frying about the sugary stickiness of sunny d on a hot day. Absolutely fricking fried.  Thank the good lord above I still had my old cell phone. And it only took FOUR sprint operators (one of whom actually spoke English as a first language), to figure out how to “swap phones”. This process does not seem like rocket science to me. And yet I had to keep being transferred to different departments. This is a handy marketing technique known as “frustrate the pizzang out of the customer so they cave and just upgrade and lock into another 84 year contract with us.” Good thing I am more stubborn than this marketing technique. My new cell phone love? the 3G iphone. Now Justin, I know you are yelling at me in your head for caving to the god-like hold of Steve Jobs, but i really and truly believe that this phone holds the key to happiness. Ok, maybe like, just ONE of the keys. But it will make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Some women need Coach purses and Gucci sunglasses and “designer” jeans – me, I’ll settle for a nice piece of overpriced electronic technology. Embrace your inner geek. Switch to AT&T with me!!!!!!! I cannot wait for the day I can blog from my iphone. Mind you this will not be until December when my contract with Sprint expires. And in fact, if the expiration of my contract happens to coincide with the appearance of Baby Cuatro, please believe that I will be checking out of the hospital early to run to the nearest AT&T store.

I digress.file:///var/folders/-m/-mLbfKdcFN4F2d+2mOqBBE+++TM/-Tmp-/

Anyways – look at this – two days in a row of blogging. I’m on a rollllllllll!!!!

In other exciting news, file:///var/folders/-m/-mLbfKdcFN4F2d+2mOqBBE+++TM/-Tmp-/ dad got a facebook. i am not sure what else to even say about that. 

Ok I have two very tired girls to force into naptimes.

Its been an adventurous day already.

More later.




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  1. I understand your cell phone problem. Brad, my wonderful husband, had a phone he used for work. He was in a basement installing cable and did not have a good reception. Being the intelligent man he is he held the phone between his teeth by the antenna and talked on his wireless ear piece. He dropped it into the awaiting bowl of cat water under his chair. It was fried. We had phone insurance so for $50.00 we got the exact same phone. 2. I do not always check his pockets so a pair of pants/shorts got washed not once but twice in the washing machine and dried in the very hot dryer. Again we had phone insurance so $50.00 later we got him a new phone. 3. This is some how my fault. He works 3rd shift now so 10am is his 10pm. He came home sick around 3am and at 8am on my way into work I called him. After our conversation he placed his phone into the apple juice on his night stand. This is the last phone he will get for a year since the first incident. I firmly believe in the insurance. I have left my phone outside and it got rained on before the insurance so we shelled out $400.00 for a phone for Brad and I got his.

    As for the reactivation of a old phone to your plan I love Verizon. I can do it online myself without any problem. I have done it now 3 times in 2 years.

    That is my two cents on that subject.

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