T.G.I.F……..fo shizzle

Holy facheezy. It still works. I am scared to shut down this browser window. i think its MAGICAL!!! Maybe I should go buy some lottery tickets with it or something!!!

I do’nt honestly have a lot to post about right now, but am feeling like I should simply because I CAN.

I am making progress on the special projects I have had on my list for about 2 months now. i tackled the girls’ room on Wednesday. It took me over 5 hours to get their clothes sorted by season and age, ready to put in the garage sale pile or save to pass down, clean out the closet, clean out the 827 stuffed animals and other small toys that have taken up residence on, under and across karissa’s bed, and throw away approximately 53 unmatched socks.  I must say I am slightly concerned with where the other 53 could possibly be hiding…

But anyways – that was a huge load off. Kaylen’s clothes are all pretty organized already – I did that last summer when I was nesting! She is finally starting to grow out of her newborn onesies (at almost 10 months!), so I do need to go through and weed those ones out. And then tackle my own closet and I’ll be set. Then we get to start in on the basement/toys. That honestly gives me the heebie jeebies just to consider.  My perfectly laid out plan of allowing the basement to just be the toy free-for-all has somewhat backfired on me. I mean, sure its a free-for-all. Just not in that lovingly played with way. And i HATE throwing perfectly good stuff away. Maybe, if I end up feeling too tired for the garage sale, i’ll just make a large box up and post it on craigslist or something. Or the scavengers who drive through our neighborhood every Sunday nite will have a sweet find.


Speaking of sweet finds…

I can’t believe it took me this long to find this. But there is this little Mexican market by Karissa’s dance class. I’ve seen it a hundred times but never went in there till last nite when I thought it would save me a trip to the slowest meijer on the face of this earth by running in there to see if they had avocados. I walk in and was INSTANTLY hit with the smells of mexico (which aren’t all bad by the way).  Its that spicy meaty pantry type smell…mmmmmmm. Anyways, there was lots of good stuff in there (including avocados and limos) but most important – THEY HAD MEXICAN COKE!!!!!!! Now if you really and truly know me, you know that i am very picky about my coke tastes. Sometimes you want it from the can, sometimes you need it from McD’s, sometimes you need an AM/PM fountain with a splash of cherry syrup, and sometimes, you just need a mexican coke. I am SO happy to report that I have now found an easier source of getting mexican coke than going on a missions trip to mexico!!! It was so good with my chipotle last nite – i savored every last drop of it. They also had Pina coke in the bottles which I got to enjoy this afternoon if its warm enough outside. And yes, I realize I have a neurotic obsession with carbonated beverages and I am ok with that.

In other news today, I just have a little more maintenance housework to do (put away all the laundry we folded last nite, attack the bathrooms, and *gag* do the floors.)  I have also already cleaned the oven and counters and table this morning and did the fridge and dishwasher bleaching/cleaning yesterday. Its like some odd form of nesting except I am not nesting… spring cleaning fever maybe?

I don’t think I posted about this here, but I have also accepted the position of Children’s Ministry Director at our church.  That gets underway officially on June 1, but since I have been involved with the ministry for a few months now, i’ll be doing some transitioning over the next few weeks with meetings and whatnot. i am very excited to be a part of such a great ministry and working with kids who now include my own! (Last time I was a children’s director i wasn’t even pregnant with kealey yet!) This is going to require a lot more pre-planning and organization on my part, but I am honestly looking forward to it. I think its going to force me into a more productive frame of mind and help me to set up some schedules which we very much need here in atkinson-land.

I am also currently planning our first MOPS leadership team meeting which is also very exciting. i have missed having MOPS around for the support of surrounding yourself with other moms who feel and experience the same things you do on a daily basis. i am excited to be a part of bringing another group to our local area and seeing the impact it can have on other moms.

Apparently its snack time at the zoo because the banshees are circling…

so hopefully this actually posts and i can be happy again that all is well in blogville.

thanks to everyone who emailed wondering if i was dead or alive.

never fear. i may be down, but never out!



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