Track Tuesday

Yeah yeah yeah i know i have been massively absent from my own blog for weeks now. have you ever just gotten to that point where you knew you were barely above a functioning level? I have been there pretty much since we came back from vacation. I am pretty sure this is health related and in fact may actually have the answer pinpointed, but I think I have a few more days or weeks to wait to share it here. I’ll be ok, its nothing life-threatening. Just something to adjust to.

Anyhoo- on to other things.

Today is track Tuesday and today’s soundtrack comes from my very own better half, Benjamin.  Sorry its not all nicely typed out – refer to above issues.

His track is entitled:

Mostly Random Songs that no one has heard of

(and a few that everyone has

    • U2 – Electrical Storm
    • U2 – In God’s Country
    • Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days
    • Big & Rich – Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
    • Bruce Hornsby- Show Goes On
    • Yes – Big Generator
    • Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone
    • Metallica – Wherever I May Roam

(Ok honestly – Bruce Hornsby? And I know where the Danger Zone one comes from – because you want to be like Tom Cruise and race the airplane taking off on your bike. You have a need, a need for SPEEEEEEDDDDD don’cha?)

Anyways – I hope you enjoy those random songs – I do believe most of them are well suited for days like today, cruising down the road with the windows rolled down, singing along at the top of your lungs. The kind of day and music that just re-energizes you, no matter how poopy you may have been feeling.

Yes i do believe its going to be a nice hot one out there today!

We actually have a very low-key week ahead of us and its so nice. After the chaotic aftermath of last weekend – I am enjoying having really nothing to stress over for a good few weeks. I mean, don’t get me wrong, i still am busy – but not CHAOTIC busy like the past couple weeks/months/year. We have Kaylen’s hearing re-check and ear tube checking on Thursday, so hopefully that gets the thumbs up that we were able to reverse the complete loss she had on her left side.

Today my goals include starting on the jungle of a mess that has become the girls’ closet. Karissa comes out every day in yet another outfit that is at least 2 sizes too small for her and completely inappropriate to the weather outside. Definitely time to get in there and clean that out. Debating having a garage sale sometime soon or just dumping it all off at goodwill.

Holy random thoughts today.

Ok- i’ll come back if anything exciting happens. thanks to all of you who do faithfully check here every day in the hopes that some day i will break out of this funktasticness and get back on the bloggin’ trail. I think I am almost out of the woods. Days like today help a lot. That and finding a random $100 bill. (Not likely to happen but a girl can dream, right?)

I need new tarts. Any scent suggestions? This egyptian cotton one I a m burning smells like….soap on crack. Its disturbing. But, like emily pointed out – at least soap smells clean. Which I can’t argue with. so in spite of all evidence otherwise – at least my house SMELLS clean. Hope you are all easily fooled.

Leave me a funny comment. Make me laugh today.

Hope you all enjoy this gorgeous weather ! Not too much longer till this is our everyday gloriousness!


Heart me –


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  1. I fully believe that as long as your house smells clean then it is. It can have crap all over but as long as it doesn’t literally smell like crap, then you are still a domestic goddess.

  2. It is nice to see you are back on here. I got caught up on your life last week and was checking back all week for an update. I am glad your little one is getting better, mine was sick with a cold or an ear infection most of this winter so I understand somewhat. Incase you didn’t see I started my own blog on word press go check it out if you have time. Have a great day.


  3. nothing funny here. but i will say that u2’s “in god’s country” was one of the first songs i ever learned on the guitar. that was like 12 years ago and i haven’t gotten much better. but hey, good times.