Rollin’ Like a River…

She DID It!!!

So very proud of her! Almost 5 months of therapy to get her here – but man is she just taking off! Shortly after she rolled in this video, she had a repeat performance of rolling AND then managed to sit on her own for about 10 seconds! Her therapist and i were clapping so loudly that of course the other girls had to come running in and then we all proceeded to overwhelm poor baby who decided she was done with therapy – but it was SO amazing to see her finally put all the pieces together! Still a long way to go to get her caught up – she is definitely favoring her right side so her left side isn’t getting as strong. And as you can see – she HATES being on her tummy – she quickly rolls back off of it – and there’s a LOT of stuff you can’t do if you never build the strength you gain by being on your tummy, so we still are taking baby steps there – but i am ecstatic that my baby girl finally hit her first major milestone!

And what a gorgeous day to do it on! I hope you are all enjoying this weather and maybe even a good meteor shower tonite if you can get to somewhere you can see it better!

ok since it took me about ten minutes to type that last sentence – i’m going to try to go restore some brain function!

have a great day! keep on rollin’….



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  1. Hi Terra! I’m a friendly stalker who has been checking in on Kendall from time to time. My daughter (who is now 14) was diagnosed with Benign Congenital Hypotonia when she was about 10 months old. She didn’t have any of the feeding issues that your daughter struggles with (although she was (and is) extremely thin, but at 10 months we consulted a specialist because the ONLY thing she could do was sit up. She couldn’t even scoot back into a sitting position. She was so flexible (part of her problem) that she would lay on her tummy (hated it), push herself backward into a complete chinese split, and then was sitting up. Weird. But it worked for her. Suprisingly, she did eventually crawl (I thought she might skip that step) and walked shortly after she turned 15 months. I know that this isn’t a good comparison, but watching your video…watching how she moves and straightens her legs…was so familiar. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. We’re pulling for Kendall in Texas!!

  2. Oh boy! Oh boy!! Oh boy!!!! That is soooooooo awesome. 😀 Kendall uses her hands so well, really. We worked months on getting Anna to just touch her toes. And rolling like that took forever!! What a great milestone. Enjoy it!! whoo-hoo!!

  3. GO KENDALL! We will be having 3 babies rolling around the floor at small group in no time. How fun!

  4. Go Kendall!!! We’re praying for you, sweetie! (P.S. I watched your other videos on vimeo and “Cooking with Kawissa” is HILARIOUS!!! Say hi to the girls! Love you.

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