Slowly but surely – we are in a state of recuperation here.

Ben is home and still has a pretty puffy hand, but is recuperating from the effects of “sleeping” on a hospital bed for two nites, and fighting a nasty infection. Kaylen is definitely attempting to recuperate from her surgery yesterday. I am recuperating from…life. the big girls are recuperating from once again having their lives and schedules thrown upside down, and kendall is just truckin’ along!

image Poor Kaylen – I mean, i knew it was going to be rough. but having head knowledge of how much pain your child will be in, and actually trying to hold and comfort a baby who has NO IDEA why everything hurts so badly and just wants you to fix it are two polarly opposite concepts. She is understandably in a lot of pain from having her extra-large tonsils and large adenoids removed. I was actually shocked as i looked in there for the first time post-op – it was just so HUGE in there without all that swollen nasty tissue! Poor baby – she must have been hurting for so long for as big as they were.

So anyways, our day today has been spent trying to convince a hurting 4 year old that drinking something – anything – will not hurt that bad and will help her feel better. I’m not sure if this is true – but they tell me this is what i am supposed to do, so I do it. It is heartbreaking to watch her fight to get down the teeniest amounts of water or juice, and to talk longingly about when she can eat food again. I’m not kidding, this is the kid who usually has had three meals before I’ve even made my first cup of coffee for the day. she eats non-frigging-stop. Snack QUEEN. I am sure she feels hungry – but knows she just cannot get it down right now. As long as we can stay on top of keeping her hydrated, I think we will be doing good. But even that, I’m questioning right now. She had MAYBE 6 total ounces of fluid today, and most of that she had to work at to get it down, and then fought for a while retching after she did finally get it down. She still has a teeny fever even after taking the tylenol/codeine combo, which she is getting every four hours on the dot, which is also very hard to get into her because she is NOt interested in swallowing anything.

At this point, it will be awesome if we can muddle through this without having to go back in for some IV fluids. I feel so bad for her though….no good solutions – just gotta push through.

So push through we will!

We got a lot of fun stuff coming up this weekend (and even more fun stuff NEXT weekend with the Hope For Kendall benefit!!!) and I want EVERYONE to be there and be happy and be healthy.


Thanks for stopping by~



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