Christmas Eve Eve.

Usually the day I start to freak out because I realize I still have SO. VERY. MUCH. to do still in order to make it the most awesome magical christmas ever.

And this year is no exception. Except that this year I have a few other added crazinesses thrown in to the mix. mostly in the form of small children.

since I feel like I am about to lose my mind, i am going to share it all with you. This isn’t meant to be a list of whineyness, although it probably will degrade into that at some point. But here’s what I have to do in the next 48 hours – and this is mostly just to help me keep track of things:

  • Not scream at whiney children who are asking 9834 questions at all hours of the day.
  • Break up fights between aforementioned children over whose turn it is on Club Penguin.
  • Make 398735 snacks for aforementioned children who apparently have the metabolisms of cows with 7 stomachs.
  • Clean all the bathrooms.
  • Run all the laundry (about 5 loads).
  • Fold all the laundry.
  • Put all the laundry away.
  • Make a grocery list for meals for this weekend.
  • Shop for groceries for this weekend.
  • Print recipes for stuff to make this weekend.
  • Bake cookies and decorate them with the girls.
  • Shop for two more gifts for Kealey, one more for Karissa.
  • Get Christmas pajamas (shopping without dragging at least 2 children along is next to impossible).
  • Talk to the nurse/GI about how to stop kendall’s gut from bloating up like roadkill, leaking like a geyser, and control her tummy pain.
  • Find Ben’s stocking.
  • shop for stocking stuffers for whole family. (yes i wait till the last minute for this and i don’t know why).
  • wrap all the gifts (luckily an awesome friend is coming to help me with this right now!)
  • get one more gift for darling nephew.
  • put kealeys hair in curlers and dry it.
  • edit all the wedding pics from last week. No way will this be DONE – but I want to get some up for the family.
  • chiro appts including x-rays for the whole family this afternoon. more fun than you can shake a stick at.
  • Eve of Christmas Eve service at church tonite. Also more fun than I can imagine since it will more than likely now include a kid on a pump and O2 who cannot go in the nursery.
  • And I think that’s it…Hap-Hap-Happy Christmas!

In the ten minutes i have been trying to type this, I have now taken three phone calls, fixed 7 snacks, repaired a blown fuse, called the respiratory supply company, lugged an E tank upstairs troubleshooted a leaky regulator, put the baby to bed, and am now trying to get presents out of hiding spots and up the stairs to Wrap Central!

I WILL survive this day!

The T

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  1. You’re doing awesome! The girls are sooooooooooo happy and it’s because they have such a loving mommy!!!

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