Merry Christmas!

I am so tired.

We made it here – to this point where the gifts are wrapped, the note from Santa has been written, the glass of milk has been drank and appropriate amounts of cookie crumbs are still scattered on the plate – and all my babies are snuggled in their beds with visions of ….whatever their crazy dreams consist of, dancing in their heads.

i have sobbed my way through the last part of “It’s a Wonderful Life” (and Ben even watched it WITH me this year – for a nice change!)

And now i am sitting here hoping I got it right for them this year. It was just such a hard year with all the different ages. Kaylen and Kendall will have a virtual plastic baby world set up and ready to go now and I know their little eyes will light up with the magic of it all. But what about my big girls – who are getting WAYYYY too big and too old too fast, but who themselves are still little girls? I want to keep them all young forever. Somewhere between talking back and fully potty trained would be nice.  But it made it hard to find the perfect gifts for them. The gifts that will keep them my little girls, while acknowledging their growing and changing tastes and individual preferences.

And I am glad that we are home. together. as a mostly healthy family.

and my heart is heavy for those who are not at home, but who are instead laying in the hospital. As well as rejoicing for those who have, however narrowly, avoided being in the hospital, but are making large sacrifices in sleep and comfort anyways in order to remain at home with their medically challenging child.

And mostly – I am just so very thankful that 2000 years ago, on this nite, a young girl, probably scared out of her mind, and her husband, who probably thought he was losing his, welcomed their baby into this world. And that because of Him, and through Him, we can all have a chance to celebrate Christmas every day, day after day, in Heaven and for eternity. Emmanuel – God is with us. Thank you for coming, baby Jesus.

And Happy Birthday.



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  1. Man…your post spoke to my heart in so many ways. From the hospital stuff to the young couple scared out of their wits and about to give birth to the Lord. I love ya!

    Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!!!
    Mama M. talked about…Merry Christmas Eve!!