Never in the history of childbirth…

Has a woman been so excited to hear that she is dilated to 1. But today that woman was me!

More so than the dilation number is the fact that Baby Girl is actually head down, very down, backwards (like my kids always are), and everything is ummmm “working”. Thinning, softening, moving forward and down.  (I just know my male readers are gagging at the thought of this while my women folk friends are nodding and “mmm-hmmmming” in agreement and knowledge of what I am talking about.) Anyways – I would have been ok if NOTHING had been happening, but the news I received that things are actually happening gave me the push I needed to get a LOT done and cleared off the plate today. I was a productive FOOL. Well, thanks to my mom. Who has sacrificed life as she knows it to come spend a few days down here with me and girls just in case something happens. If it doesn’t, then, we’ll try again next week I guess! 

Ben IS in town, for those wondering, but has just a few more items to finish up at local terminals before he is “scot-free” I guess you’d say. He has told me (and the baby) that Friday at noon is an ok time to go into labor. Everyone in the family is rooting for anytime tomorrow nite after midnite, so the baby shares a birthday with my dad. I am personally just rooting for anytime before the second coming of Christ, as it feels like this pregnancy has been an eternity. Which, in essence, it has, since my body really didn’t get too much of a break between pregnancies. But I digress.

The good news is – action is happening, and this COULD mean a baby sooner than later. Figured I had better post here so you all know what happened to me when its like, THREE WHOLE DAYS till you hear from me again. Then again, i may just be here every day for the next 12 days. Just to annoy you.

My laptop is still dead. It sucks. I am hopefully going to get to the computer store tomorrow to get the new motherboard and HOPE beyond hope that that fixes it. Otherwise its going to be a LOOONNNNGGGG wait till January when I receive (hopefully) my last contract payment and can get a new one. The good news is that I HOPE my hard drive is fine, I just can’t power up anything cause the battery charger outlet is “pppphhhhhhtttt”. i guess we’ll see whenever i am able to get the issue looked at. Thank God for good friends who know what they’re doing with a soldering gun. Because as my darling brother so wisely pointed out, a pregnant me with a soldering gun could = mass disaster.

So that’s the update for tonite folks. Things are lookin’ good. I may have this baby by this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Okay, could you just have the baby today so my guess is correct!?
    Really, that’s all that matters in the WORLD…I have to be right.
    Does it count if dilation began on my guess date? How about if your water breaks by midnight. 🙂

    Alright I’ll stop. Looking forward to meeting little K4.

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