Morning Karaoke at the Atkinsons

my hyped up on generic sugary cereal children are having their own little stage show this morning. Most of their repertoire includes songs from Hannah Montana (Nobody’s Perfect, EVerybody Has Those Days, and Rock Star included!), but also includes a few random 80’s songs such as ” Werewolves of London” and “Ghostbusters” (the theme song). I truly have no idea where they picked up those gems. Never a dull moment around here.

Let us also observe a moment of silence for our dearly departed laptop brother, “the baby”, who is now resting in un-batterified peace. I am hoping that a shock from a new power cord may revive him, as pretty much my entire life is stuck on that hard drive and i just need it to work NOW, but if the new power cord fails, I am hopeful that soldering the DC jack back onto the motherboard will help. I have narrowed it down to one of those two problems. Both of these solutions will be a MUch cheaper alternative to the new laptop I configured for myself last nite ($75 vs. $1800), Not that I actually have either of those amounts right at the moment!

On the baby front – for once I am feeling FINE and GOOD. I mean, I am constantly achy, stiff and sore – but from all of the other medical anomalies affecting this pregnancy, I feel relatively healthy. One more day of antibiotics (only because I realized that i was somehow skipping one dose a day and have now been doubling up to catch up)…And so far no sign of the cold that won’t leave. I would like to think baby k may make her appearance sometime this week – but that is clearly just hopeful thinking/wishing on my part. I think 11/11 would be a cool birthday, or 11/14 which is my dad’s birthday is what everyone else is rooting for. And for the record, no I have not started to TRY anything to actually induce any kind of labor action. But I may be there by next week!

I took about a 3 hour nap after church yesterday – unheard of for me who cannot fall asleep in the middle of the day to save my life! Ben channeled some energy into some small projects around the house and I awoke to a very nicely straightened up downstairs. I love when he gets in moods like that! So now I have a few loose ends for Kidstown projects to tie up, going through Kaylen’s bin of baby clothes to see if ANYTHING will work for a winter baby, setting up the co-sleeper, getting the double stroller (hopefully after payday), and THEN i think we will officially be ready. Oh I also need to pack a hospital bag. Ben loves when i give him a list of stuff to bring me from home when i am in the hospital and he is utterly confused by what i mean and ends up bringing me a full suitcase of different options.

So today will be just working towards crossing stuff off that long to-do list, hopefully getting a lot accomplished, and then maybe going into labor tonite. I don’t know why, I just prefer having babies at night. I think because the nurses actually let you sleep for a few hours before starting the wonderfully invasive rounds of uterus pushing, hooha checking and blood pressure taking when you are “recovering”. Aren’t you glad you know that tidbit?

Hey, we’re an open book here at terra talking. its how i roll.

have a beautiful sugared up day.


who ya gonna call?




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  1. Is this your Mac laptop or its bastard brother? (I hope I can use that word on your blog. If not, just delete me. I’ll understand.)

    Seriously…I can send my sweet husband over if you need help with the Mac. He loves that stuff. (Note I said “stuff” instead of “shit.” See? I can stop swearing anytime I want to.)