making a list

And checkin it twice!

I think I am almost ready for Christmas this year. Almost.

Here in the wee dark hours of this morning I am able to think clearly about what else needs to be done…

  1. Get Ben’s gift(s)
  2. Make stocking stuffer list
  3. Buy stocking stuffers
  4. Get family gifts for gift exchange on Friday at mom’s
  5. Sign Christmas cards
  6. Address Christmas cards
  7. Fight ridiculous amounts of people at post office to buy stamps to send Christmas cards (this one will probably be the first to go off the list!)
  8. Make breakfast for 7 children this morning
  9. Speech therapy
  10. Occupational Therapy
  11. Figure out which child is hacking up a lung in their sleep
  12. Dig out the cutesy Cmas Eve outfits I bought the girls a month ago and find the right tights and shoes to go with them in four sizes
  13. Watch “it’s a wonderful life”, “elf”, and “christmas story” and “christmas vacation”
  14. wrap like a wrapping fool (haven’t even started yet)
  15. plan scavenger hunt for finding last big family gift
  16. Put together three baby doll strollers (this will cut down on the wrapping  – see above)
  17. Charge all camera batteries


And phew. I think that might be it! Now to find the time to accomplish it all! Have my neighbors kids here all morning today, plus speech therapy this morning, and when they go home I’ll have to throw lunch at my four, hope kaylen naps, pack them up in the car and go to speech therapy. After we’ve burned off that hour and a half, Ben should be home from IN by the time we get back so I will maybe have an hour to run and get his gifts and the stocking stuffers, come home and get the girls ready for church, get myself ready for church, and then head to church for our “Eve of Christmas Eve” service. I am actually very excited about it as I know it will be a great time of just sitting, singing, and soaking up what we DO all this hustle and bustle for. Singing some of the good old carols, rejoicing in the blessings this year has brought, and then lots and lots of cookies afterwards! Coming home to start the wrapping and movie watching…yeah, once this day gets going it will be barreling towards the big finish on Friday morning!

does it seem weird to anyone else to have Christmas on Friday? I don’t know why I can’t wrap my mind around it – but it just doesn’t seem like a logical day for a holiday of this magnitude to me. I know this makes me slightly neurotic, but I just don’t like it. Christmas should be on Wednesday. Possibly Tuesday or Thursday, but never on a weekend and Mondays and Fridays aren’t real preferable either. Thank you very much.

Ok random rant and beautiful quiet time both over. The light has come to wake up this neighborhood and two of my babies are now up and wanting breakfast. Guess its time to jump into this day with both feet! Off to start the pancakes….


and the coffee!

peace in the middle east –


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