My Grown up christmas gift

When I was little – my Christmas list of wishes and wants were all about the toys. the dolls. the books. the clothes.

And, you know, it still kind of is all about that for me – although now those things are all for my own baby girls.

But as i sit here, right now, this afternoon, I realized that I have already gotten a little part of my grown up list, as my gift.

My gift today is a quiet house.

Coffee in hand from a good friend/coffee fairy.

Marks on my counter leftover from the chaos of four little girls creating Christmas cards here just a few minutes ago.DSC_0151

The proof all around me that this house has LIFE in it.

The awesome knowledge that we have surpassed that 86 day mark, and things are looking good!

the feeling of having accomplished something big this year simply by surviving with {most of} my sanity intact.

There is just a smile on my face, and happiness in my heart, as i sit and watch the snow falling outside, breathe in the scent of christmas cookies overtaking this kitchen, enjoy this wonderful silence of sleeping babies.

Life is good.

And that is a great gift.



(but benj, this still doesn’t mean that you can take back my gifts!!!)



I just wanted to get that out today.

now back to your regularly scheduled satirical terra talking program.


Happy Tuesday!!!


THREE MORE DAYS!! Are you ready???



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